Mile Hi-Five Comics For September 30

jla #44 Justice League #44> Darkseid versus Anti-Monitor! A corrupted Superman versus Lex Luthor! Myrina Black versus Grail! This chapter of “Darkseid War” has it all-plus an ending that will change the League forever! (w) Geoff Johns (A/CA) Jason Fabok


 Spread #10Spread #10> “The Children’s Crusade,” Part Three. Old friends become new enemies. (w) Justin Jordan (A) Kyle Strahm

gl ann Green Lantern Annual #4> What happened to Hal before the Green Lantern Corps disappeared and he was being hunted by them? Where did he get his new ship and new look? All is revealed here! Plus, a new force in the universe rises to take the place of the Green Lantern Corps! (W) Robert Venditti (A) Pascal Alixe (CA) Ian Churchill

inferno #5 Inferno #5> Darkchild’s Demon Horde, The Goblin Court and Sinister’s Boom Clones all battle for power! Who will rule the new Inferno?! The city is lost, but can Colossus defeat the Darkchild in single combat? Illyana’s soul hangs in the balance! (w) Dennis Hopeless (A/CA) Javi Garron

batman ann Batman Annual #4> Batman is gone… but Bruce Wayne is alive? What does that mean for Gotham City? And who is Bruce Wayne without Batman? This special annual delves deeper into the mystery building, and whether or not Bruce can ever really escape from the shadow of the Dark Knight. (w) James TynionIV

Honorable Mention

suicide squad ann New Suicide Squad Annual #1> The “Monsters” storyline concludes in epic fashion when the League splinter group prepares to unleash a secret weapon deadlier than anyone could have imagined. Can the Suicide Squad stop it? Do they even want to? (w) Sean Ryan (A) Philippe Briones (CA) Juan Ferreyra

Trade Paperback of the Week

ult spidey tp #2 Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man Ultimate TP #2> Miles Morales is still getting used to being Spider-Man when Captain America makes him a very special offer. Is Miles really joining the Ultimates? With a wounded nation crying out for heroes, Miles is determined to prove he has what it takes! But when a terrifying new Venom symbiote surfaces, armed with the truth about the incident that granted the new Spider-Man his powers and closing in on Miles’ true identity, Spidey might have made his first true archenemy. Can the fledgling web-slinger overcome this horrific foe – or will he suffer a terrible loss? As Miles struggles with the weight of his new life, the Taskmaster and Cloak & Dagger just might force his hand. Can Miles get by with a little help from Peter Parker’s friends? Collecting ULTIMATE COMICS SPIDER-MAN (2011) #13-28 and #16.1. (w) Brian Michael Bendis (A) David Marquez & Various (CA) Sara Pichelli

Statue of the Week

dead shot bust DC Comics Super Villains Deadshot Bust> DESIGNED BY JIM LEE SCULPTED BY ALEJANDRO PEREIRA Your collection will score a bull’s-eye with this incredible bust of the world’s deadliest assassin, designed by superstar artist Jim Lee. Limited Edition of 2,500 Measures Approximately 6.75″ Tall


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