Geek Down The Flash

The Flash Potential Energy

the-turtle-le-mechant-de-cet-episode.jpg Finally after the long winter break the Flash returns in stellar fashion and a little misdirection. We think its date night with Barry and Patty when Zoom crashes the party and tosses her off a building. For a moment I thought “It’s going to be one of those episodes” but it was only a dream but does set the tone for the episode.

It was more about set up this week than the action and drama we had seen during the first half of the season. Barry trying to figure out his relationship with Patty and deal with the threat of Zoom looming over all of them. Barry comes up with the idea that he needs to tell her is secret that he’s the Flash and that’s why he appears to be such a flake, not because he doesn’t want to commit to her. Great, one more person who knows the Flash is Barry, at this point why even have a secret identity the only one talking any kind of sense is Dr. Wells saying it’s a bad idea and why pull her further into this world. I tend to agree with Wells on this, Patty has been through enough and should have a life free of the crazy but this works itself out by the end of the episode and I’m happy with how it turned out. Sure Barry gets his heart broken but from the characters point of view it works well for the story.

The major drive behind this story is the hunt for the Turtle (yes that is his name and he is in the comics) Russell Glosson, played by Aaron Douglas (Chief from Battlestar Galactica) who played the Turtle perfectly. He originally he was one of Jay Garrick’s Flash villains in the comics and is a perfect fit for the show who has the ability to stop time around himself making it look like he is moving as fast as the Flash. Douglas played this character perfectly, mannerisms, his speech, right down to him typing extremely slow on an old school typewriter. The reason for the Turtle hunt is to try and find a way to use his power to slow down Zoom since the last plan with the darts failed so badly. There is an impressive moment between Wells and Cisco in the van while staking out the Turtle as Wells starts talking about Zoom’s past and what was going on back on Earth 2. There is something Wells is not saying about Zoom, I think he knows who he is, I am still sticking to my theory that is Barry’s dad but it doesn’t change just how ruthless Zoom is as we learn from the story. The question I have, well problem is if Flash can beat the Turtle and his time stopping power wouldn’t Zoom be able to do the same? Zoom is faster and can absorb speed who’s to say this would even work on him but Wells is determined as we see in the end of the episode. I don’t know what the tool he used on Turtle was but if I didn’t know any better I think he killed him when he shoved it all the way up Turtles nose and him falling to the ground in a bloody mess.

FLA210A_9625b-300x200.jpg The other two side story lines were alright this week, Jay coming back to S.T.A.R. Labs was just not that impactful. The reason I say that is because Jay was so set about not having anything to do with Barry and his quest to stop Zoom, I guess I was waiting for some moment or statement from him about doing the right thing or being a hero not that he is dying and the only way to change that is to get his speed back. He and Caitlin are getting closer and it might help explain the change in mind but just wanted a cool stand out moment for Jay. The other story line just pissed me off, and I never thought I would say this. Wally West is a dick! We get that Joe didn’t raise him and if he had known Wally was out there I’m sure that would have changed but the way Wally treats him is just awful. We do get to see a little glimmer of hope for the character after we find out he’s a street racer from Keystone that goes by the name of “Tail Lights”. I really hope they are not planning on making him Kid Flash! He’s kind of a punk right now and to give him that kind of power now is just going to get annoying. Unless they make him Impulse from the comics and kill the character off to create some drama…..I like that idea.

As we close out this week’s episode with the usual teaser we get the absolute unexpected character return of Reverse Flash. Fresh from the future, Gideon in hand, and Thawne under the mask. How is he alive? What’s he doing here? Next week’s episode looks to be one wild ride!


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