Geek Down Legends of Tomorrow

DC Legends of Tomorrowdcs-legends-of-tomorrow.png

The title says it all, as DC takes the “B team” to the spotlight in this very creative idea pulling characters from both the Flash and Arrow; but is it too much?

As far as pilot episodes go, it was good and entertaining and just what you would expect as Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill) collects a band of heroes to help save the future from Vandal Savage. Yes, try to overlook the irony as Arthur is a time traveler again and part of a group called the Time Masters that watch over the time stream and protect it. Yes I know this all seems rather Doctor Who but these are all elements out of the comics and have been expanded on for the show. Rip first appeared in Showcase #20 1959 and has been a key character to some of DC comics major crisis events, but the right amount of twist has been put it for the sake of the dramatic and a better platform for the show to work off of. What I did like is the round up and Rips grand speeches of what the world will become, the little difference from the comic to the show. Instead of a chair or a hand held device for time travel there is a whole ship named the Wave Runner which could be a nod to another time traveling character from DC named Waverider. Rips and Waveriders back story sharing some very close similarities in the show’s opening sequence but explains Rip’s motivation. I am curious as to how Gideon ended up on the ship since the AI was helping Reverse Flash navigate his way through time but I’m sure that story might still be in front of us as the shows move along. This all sets the stage for Vandal Savage, who in the year 2166 has conquered the Earth and there looks like there is no way to avoid that unless something is done in the past to change that.

If you have been watching Flash and Arrow and are asking yourself the question, didn’t Savage get a beat down that turned him to dust at the end of the episode you would be correct. How he is a walking talking world destroying monarch is left open but we get a small hint that unless the killing blow comes from either Hawkman or Hawkgirl Savage can come back using just a single cell. Did a cell find its way to a Lazarus Pit? Did a drop of someone’s blood do the trick? Maybe it’s like powdered milk and all you have to do is add water all we do know is the three of them are linked and there is no way around it. Making you wonder if he is alive 150 years from now where are the Hawkman and Hawkgirl of the future. We do get a little more on the two’s past as the group travels to 1975 for their first outing in the time stream to visit the expert in all things Savage. I loved this twist on who it was and why he was the expert (no spoilers) and was sad to see how the story went for him but does fill in a lot of holes for Hawk couples past.

captain-cold-dcs-legend-of-tomorrow-cropped.jpgHere is my worry for the show, too many characters but because of so many characters hold such giant potential. Will there be enough time to properly explore the characters? Give them enough time to grow and for the viewer to have a connection to? For example, White Canary I really don’t care about or for. She was just brought back from the dead in the Arrow series and I think they brought along for cannon fodder in the show. If there is a character that is going to get smoked in this series my money is on her. But the show does play to this fact, that there not very notable characters and how they do it is very well. The Atom wrestling with this very same issue after coming back from the dead as well and seeing he didn’t leave his mark on the world and it kept going and his existence only showing as a footnote. In the comics Atom and Firestorm are not the most well know characters for sure but they have had some very noteworthy stories, I personally love Firestorm and hope they explore his powers further in the show to reflect more from the comics. These two do get a significant amount of air time in the episode and the best moment is Professor Stein drugging his other half Jason and kidnapping him. This brings me to the best two characters in the show; Captain Cold and Heat Wave. These two are amazing to watch together and I can’t wait to see how they expand their characters stories. I loved Cold in the Flash series and he has some of the best lines in the show; “We go out for one lousy drink and yu manage to pick a fight with Boba Fett!” but that aside I just love his attitude. If they don’t use him to his full potential I will be very disappointed, there is a lot more to him than bar room brawls as much fun as the one was in this episode was please don’t limit him to just that. I also want to know why Rip would get pissed when no one get time travel and why wouldn’t they question him and want to change things.

Smurf’s Take> It was a decent opening episode but rather vanilla when I think about it, there were one or two twists that I enjoyed and didn’t expect but the real heroes in this were the two villains who stole the show.


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