Geek Down The Flash

Flash The Reverse Flash Returns_1432159173.jpg

“Time has little to do with infinity, jelly doughnuts and if you’re a Speedster!” I have to complement the Flash team for this episode and here’s why.

Time travel episodes have their own challenges, trying to keep the story right and not go too far down the story rabbit hole is always a potential pitfall. The last couple season Flash has flirted with time travel and now different dimensions with the precision of an Eisner Award winning author. To pull Reverse Flash back from the future but after the events of the first season to help explain a few things and clean up loose ends was fantastic. How Thawne knew some of the things he did and the anger he held towards Flash gets fleshed out in a brilliant face to face between the characters. Barry looking for closure and Thawne looking for answers that will eventually lead him back to the past putting everything in motion. Not only is it Thawne’s origin story but in some ways its Flash’s as well, setting things in motion because time always finds a way. The quest Reverse Flash has to make Flash the best hero he can be by being the bane of his existence is so well played out because the desire to do it comes from the jealousy that he can never be as good as the Flash. Is this the last we see Reverse Flash? I seriously doubt it, that may have been Thawne’s first trip here but we know it wasn’t his last and Barry wanting to keep him here is a hard point to argue with.

So how do you convince Barry to send Reverse Flash back to his own time? Kill Cisco of course. I don’t know if I like Cisco to be honest, the “Vibe” power is just a bit much and he was slightly annoying to start with. What I am enjoying is Dr. Wells and him going at one another that dynamic is endlessly amusing to me and I’m waiting for Wells to punch Cisco in the throat. I still can’t believe that Wells killed Turtle last week and I thought for a moment he might off Cisco but there does seem to be some humanity to him. Wells isn’t the bad guy, you can’t trust him don’t get me wrong but what lengths would you go to save your daughter. What we did learn is Cisco is connected more to the time stream than we had originally thought if he is able to see different things at different points in space and time Wells might be jamming a gun up his nose next. I doubt it would go to that extreme but I think Cisco tipped too much of his hand and I see Wells taking advantage of that ability very soon but I do so love when Wells is the voice of reason.

The other two quick points this week, Patty still bugs out to Midway City even after figuring out Barry is the Flash and Barry holds his ground denying it. I think it worked out perfectly to be honest, I liked Patty but one more person in the loop would start to get a little ridiculous and it was a cool way to conclude the story between the two characters. The Wally story I’m still apprehensive about and now that Francine is not long for this world and I know that means Wally will become more of a regular character. Good? Bad? Who’s to say, right now playing the angry kid roll, could be a chance for him to become something bigger. The ultimate twist this week for me this week is the Jay story line and trying to find his doppelganger on our Earth to help find a cure. At first coming up with nothing Caitlin gets frustrated and talks to Jay about her idea about using our Earth Jay to help with his dying cells. We find out that our Jay is named Hunter Zolomon and that’s when I flipped my mind. Why is this important? Zolomon is this time periods Zoom in the comics. He was a cop that was seriously messed up by Grodd and it’s who I thought Eddie was portraying last season to keep the names similar. Zolomon is related to Thawne in the comics and is primarily Wally’s problem, and the one thing we have seen in this show there is no simple coincidence.

Smurfs Take> Great twist to the Reverse Flash story and pulling from the Crisis story line from the comics just the right way. Perfect nod to the books and building on a perfect story while giving it a life all its own. The question is, how much of the future has changed?

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