Geek Down The Flash

The Flash Fast LaneHarrison_Wells_Earth_2_Tom_Cavanagh-6.jpg

Flash gets into the carpool lane this week as we get a little more character building with Wally and the West family. Iris is determined to show Wally the error of his ways and the dangers that street racing and his lifestyle can bring him. It’s not a bad episode and it’s something that needs to happen but not one of the more action packed nights that we have been spoiled with. I do have to say this; they have Wally down pretty good from the comics at least his always in a hurry and impatient side of his personality. It’s decent storytelling but right now for me I have no real attachment to Wally and still see him as a punk kid trying to sort things out while Joe is trying to be the cool parent. Do I want to see Wally become more involved in the story and become Kid Flash? Not really. I know that may come as a surprise as much of a Wally supporter that I am but I don’t want to see anything take away from Barry right now as the Flash.

The villain this week is a B level one at best out of the comics called Tar Pit and works well as they start to set things up for Wally but more importantly Dr. Wells. Tar pit spending the last two years pulling himself together after the accelerator blew. The real story this week is the conflict growing inside him and what’s the right thing to do. The whole second part of the season Dr. Wells’ character has been a runaway hit, wrestling on what the best thing to do, help the team or side with Zoom. At first it was clear then Barry got a beat down from Zoom and that changed his point of view quick but you can see Wells feeling guilty for his actions this week. While Barry is working on a breach implosion reactor Wells is hard at work designing a device to syphon off the speed force as Barry uses his powers. Both work oddly enough putting Wells in a difficult spot but does the unthinkable, Wells confesses about what he did to Barry and ready to accept the consequences of his actions. Wells even admitting that he would betray them all to save his daughter I think was the most realistic response anyone would have not the hero high road. Barry points this out and instead of sacrificing their best piece on the board by closing all the breaches with Wells on the other side he keeps the team together. There is one thing that is bothering me. Why does Zoom need Wells to help him take Barry’s speed? Zoom has already stole Jays speed so wouldn’t it be the same? How hard can it be to figure out a way to slow Zoom if Wells can figure out a way to take Barry’s powers?

I am sure the answers are right around the corner but I have a feeling things are going to start to pick up as next week we finally get to see Earth 2 as Barry, Cisco, and Wells cross the breach.

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