Legends of Tomorrow

Blood Ties


After losing Hawkman last week and Hawkgirl on the bubble from the run in with Savage the team tries to regroup. Doing something I thought of in the very beginning, follow the money and what two better members of the team to help with that than Heatwave and Captain Cold.

Well you would think that but Rip goes into the Bank with White Canary posing as someone who wants to make a deposit of some rather rare coins. Not the best plan mind you and the whole scene of the two of them walking in all 70’s gangster style is classic but there not fooling anyone. We find out this isn’t the first time Rip has gone after Savage and tried a solo run at him a few thousand years earlier but couldn’t deliver the killing blow. Hence now the need of a team to help where he failed, we also start to see a bonding moment between him and Canary as she fights the “monster” inside her. The fight in the bank is crazy quick as Canary takes out half a dozen goons as Rip stands there in disbelief dealing with his one lone attacker. Do I like Rip as a character? Sure, he’s starting to grow on me and what I have enjoyed is just how tortured he is. I can see Arthur pulling from his time spent with a particular Time Lord and how Rip has seen more than he wants to remember as recalls the fall of a Dark Knight and Men of Steal failing. Add that to the loss of his family and on the run from the Time Masters I think there is a lot on his mind as he tries to find the strength to carry on.

There are two things that I absolutely loved in this week’s episode and the first one is Hawkman is still dead. I thought they were going to pull some back from the dead magic on him or find a way to release his soul from the dagger and bringing him back. Then you see his lifeless body on an alter so they can drain his blood for the cult to drink helping them to be immortal as well sort of closed the deal on Hawkmans return. It’s a line I never thought I would see crossed in TV, killing off characters and sacrificing them is a bit of a shock. Granted I figured they would end up killing off a few of the heroes and my money was on Canary to be the first to go. The other was Captain Cold, I know I have go on about how much I love the character but this week was something I was hoping they would do. If you got the chance to go back in time and talk to yourself, what would you say? Cold tries to adjust the time line by helping his dad avoid going to prison for five years by taking the Maximillian Emerald before his failed attempt. Cold gets to talk to a very young Leo late at night as he tries to drop off the emerald to his dad, in that moment you see the motivation behind his actions, almost all of them in fact. At his heart Cold is a good guy just very good at stealing things as well but the most intriguing thing about him is his code of honor, we see it in the comics all of the time and saw bits of it in the Flash series and now to have them expand on it in Legends is fantastic. I wonder if we will see a line that he will not cross as the series progresses, we know he has no problem killing for the right reasons but is cold blooded murder alright. Can’t wait to see more of the Cold Heatwave spotlight continue because I think they are the best part of the show so far.

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