Walking Dead No Way Out


TWD_609_GP_0817_0099-RT-1200x686.jpgBefore the mid-season break things looked bleak for the Ricks group as the entire town of Alexandria was over ran with walkers. The plan to get by them has proven itself in the past as everyone walked out in the ponchos of death. The draw back to this plan are the ones in the group that have never pulled off this maneuver; it’s one thing for Rick and crew but the people of Alexandria have been more cannon fodder than anything useful. In the Comic Jessie and her kids are lost to the wave of walkers ripping through the town, and will this be there fate tonight. You have Abraham, Darryl and Sasha coming back to the town but will they make it in time to be of any help. My guess for this half of the season Abraham will suffer the fate Glenn did in the comics. It’s one of the most visually disturbing moments in the comic and I don’t see them skipping it. I don’t believe that it will be Glenn that is introduced to Lucile but Abraham as Negan makes his entrance. Tonight? Well this is how it all went down, the good, the bad, and Smurfs take.

Good> I love Daryl!!!!!!!! The opening has to be one of the best so far as Negan’s group tries to detain Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha as they make their way home. I for a moment got pulled in thinking this could be it, wreck everyone right at the start but like always Daryl comes to the rescue with one of the most explosive saves to date. To be honest they steal some of the best moments in the show tonight which I will get to in a moment. The set up for the big disaster tonight was Sam.

This was one of the best moments of the night for me as the comic came to life on the screen and I can’t believe how quickly things fell apart for Rick’s group trying to get out of Alexandria and get to the quarry where all of the vehicles are. It’s at this point where Carol’s words to Sam come back and haunt him, a very Brothers Grimm picture of what happens to little fat boys in the dangerous world. They get eaten! Sam starts to hear her words in his mind while he walks hand in hand with his mom and Rick al loses what little hold he had on his composure and that’s all it took. Sam’s meltdown is the beginning of the end and the next few moments are the comic panels reenacted as we witness first Sam get munched then Jessie a she watches her little boy get eaten. Rick starts to shut down while watching Jessie get munched, a rather sad series of flashbacks of the short time spent together then Rick does what he has to; take his hatchet to Jessie’s wrist because she is still holding Carl’s hand as she get devoured. The next part there had been some much heated debate over in the group, would they or wouldn’t they take the big step with Carl’s character? The events in the episode were modified a little but the end result was the same, the loss of Carl’s eye and Rick’s mad dash with him to get medical attention. In the comic it was the final page of the issue that Carl was standing there with a whole in his head in shock saying “Dad?” Ron being the one to do it was no surprise but Machonne to deliver the death blow to the back of Ron was.

The payoff for tonight’s episode all come in the final moments to be honest, the buildup of the first half of the season and the everyone spread out all over the place. It almost serves as a reunion as everyone comes together in the final push to save the town and whomever might still be alive. Rick causing the call to arms as he loses what little hold on his sanity he had going all Conan on the walkers just outside the door while Carl’s fate hangs in the balance.endof83.png

Bad> Why anyone thought Sam would make it is beyond me, the kid couldn’t even go down stairs because of what happened a few days ago when the wolves attacked. I know it had to be done and not losing any sleep over the loss of Ron or Sam but I did like Jessie and if there was one thing they would deviate from the comic it was my hope it would have been her.

Smurf’s Take> It’s about Damn time that Gabriel and Eugen nutted up and I wanted to jump in and lend a hand. The visuals of the lake of fire was mesmerizing as the walkers floated in and the town fighting for their right to live. The cut scene of everyone swinging a weapon was brilliant putting the viewer in the heat of the action and the final view of walker bodies in the road after the night long carnage was right out of the comic. I do wonder after all of this how long Morgan will stay with the group. I have a feeling he will just leave or end up a victim of his own generosity. Best line of the night “This is a story people are going to tell” –Eugen

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