The Flash

Welcome to Earth 2/Escape from Earth 2Welcome-to-Earth-2.jpg

The event we have been waiting for all season has happened, the journey to Earth 2 but was it everything I had hoped for.

The two night event was good, the second half I think was better than the opening to the story but it was an incredible build up. The few problems I had with Welcome to Earth 2 were mostly Barry acting like the rookie child we saw early on in season one. It was one bad choice after another for him even after Jay’s words of advice before Well’s, Cisco, and Barry walked into the last open breach on our Earth. Jay makes it a point to tell Barry that everything is just a little bit different and not to get pulled into the world round him because it’s not your home. That being the biggest understatement of the night because Earth 2 turns out looking like the 1920’s with high tech and plasma TV’s, where everyone is so polite…for the most part. The Barry of Earth 2 is a bit of a wimp but is married to Iris and Joe is a lounge singer and a good one with the biggest twist Captain Cold is Mayor.

fla213b0341bjpg-0d7bc6_765w Barry decides to take the place of his doppelganger on this Earth to better help the mission of finding Zoom who is public enemy number one here. This is bad decision number one and it goes downhill from there, the only one acting with and kind of head on their shoulders is Wells and again is the best part of the episodes. His reactions and trying to keep everyone on mission and so impatient is fantastic, like wrangling cats. Wells makes it very obvious he is there to take down Zoom and nothing is going to slow him down from that and they are working with a ticking clock because in 24 hours Jay and Caitlin are supposed to close the last breach in the basement of STAR Labs. With Barry acting like a kid on Christmas and for some reason thinking it’s up to him to fix all of the relationships on this Earth we get introduced to Killer Frost (Caitlin) and Deathstorm (Ronnie) who hunt breacher’s for fun. Meaning this isn’t the first time people from other Earths have visited this one, it’s an added bonus for them that is a speedster but on this Earth it seems everyone works for Zoom even Cisco.

While Barry and crew are away it doesn’t mean our Earth goes event free, Jay gets to face off against Geomancer. Another Wally West villain from the comics who has been a very B level villain and has only been around since 2000. The major point of this story is we finally get the answers as to why Jay is dying and the loss of his powers. The whole reason Jay was against the Velocity drug is because it’s what damaged his cells and resulted in the loss of his powers as his obsession with speed grew not Zoom taking them. We go from Velocity 6 to 9 through the course of the episode and with 9 comes the cure for Jay and maybe hope for the restoration of Jay’s power. The other issues beside Geomancer is the speed cannon first blowing up because of an imbalance now with all the other breaches closed then is getting damaged from all the earthquakes Geomancer is causing. It comes down to the wire as the team makes their way back from Earth 2 but that’s where everything goes sideways and it was only a guess of who we were going to lose in the final moments of the episode.

fla214a_0171b.jpgThe overall Earth 2 event was great the fight with Zoom at the end was a surprise and Wells stabbing him in the heart with the slowdown serum was awesome. You can only guess that Zoom smoked Killer Frost in the fight since he had no issues knocking off Cisco and Deathstorm. I just don’t understand where Zoom was going all of the time? You have a few prisoners and you just leave them unguarded in their cells? I’m sure there is some logical explanation but he has been wanting Barry’s speed for half the season and the only thing you’re going to do is give him a beat down and then take off? The big question is the guy in the Xorn helmet (yes I know that’s an X-Men reference) that Zoom has locked up, is it really Jay? One from a different Earth or is it our Jay just somehow got misplaced in time? The final moments of the episode as Zoom reaches out and pulls Jay back through (Saw that coming) could there have been some time displacement or was that really the end of the Jay we knew? For a moment I did think that it was going to be Wells that we lost or somehow got locked on the other side with Zoom but was able to make it through. I do think it was a nice touch as the group traveled between Earths that we got a peek at the other ones all packed around each other and the some images of events happening there like passing in front of a window. Even got to see The Flash from the original TV show and Supergirl who will be coming up soon. How will Zoom get back now that all of the breaches are closed? Will Barry try and keep his promise of saving Xorn Jay in Zooms prison?


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