Dead Zone

Walking Dead The Next World

top-4-hell-yes-moments-from-the-walking-dead-episode-10-the-next-world-849812.jpgLife is what happens while you’re making other plans and is that any different in the zombie apocalypse as we leap forward two months since last week’s episode.

Good> It was a good warm feelings for everyone type of episode as the episode had a bit of a slower pace this week. Two months after the night from hell and you start to see the walls expanding and life is as normal as it can be for Rick and the crew. We do get to see the group in a new place, the normal day to day and life as it could be when you’re not fighting for your life. Carl functioning well without his right eye but there seems to be trouble in paradise between him and Enid as everyone “tries to find their way” this week. No more so than Spencer and Michonne as both of them go wondering about the forest; Spencer looking for something and Michonne who refuses to let him walk around alone. What I liked about this was the moments of genuine emotions between the two of them and both in sort of the same position, finding what is important. Deanna’s final words running through both of their minds but Spencer having the bigger difficulty of the two figuring things out now that his family has been completely wiped out. His whole reason for being out there is to put his mom to her final rest that proves to be a little more heart felt than I had thought it would be. Michonne there to help with the delicate moment and helping drive the point with Spencer that he’s not alone and the whole reason she is out here with him is because of her love for his mother and that they are all family. This sets up for something bigger later in the episode as Michonne has found what’s important to her and just exactly where she fits in the world.

The best part of the night is the moments with Rick and Daryl as they go on another run for supplies for Alexandra. First is the awkward moment between Daryl and Dr. Denise as she requests a few special things so she can give them to Tara, you’re not sure who is more uncomfortable Daryl or Denise but it’s nice to see the romance between them moving forward. It’s Rick and Daryl who steal the show as they go out in search of supplies it has all the feel of a buddy cop movie. The chemistry between just the two of them is electric right down to the two of them fighting over what to listen to in the car. The story even plays out like a buddy cop movie as the two find a truck full of supplies, then lose truck of supplies just to get it back and only to lose it all together. There isn’t a whole lot of dialog between the two but the moments there are its classic, just to see the two different backgrounds come together and have a mutual understanding and respect. You know when they find the truck that it’s all going to go wrong somehow, but just not sure when…that it’s just too good to be true even after Rick going on about the law of averages. That’s right about the time it does as both of them get suckered by Jesus.

5-things-you-might-have-missed-in-the-walking-dead-episode-the-next-world-paul-jesus-853973.jpgJesus!!!! Another major character from the comics to be introduced and in epic fashion as he plays a game of cat and mouse with Rick and Daryl. In the comics Jesus is a bad ass but in the episode he is full on Ninja pulling out all sorts of moves and tumbling as he sort of makes short work of the two. I do have to complement the casting once again because he is spot on for what I would have imagined from the comic. Truth is in the comics Jesus plays a very important roll to Rick, almost like his secret weapon but in the comics there is no Daryl and I am really looking forward to seeing how the two interact. Just the moments between the two of them tonight we fantastic as if Jesus was just making fun of them like it was all just a game while Daryl and Rick were being so serious. Right down to Rick chasing Jesus with the box truck in the middle of a field, felt like a moment out of the movie Snatch. With the introduction of Jesus means Hilltop can’t be too far behind, the town Jesus calls home and starts the group on a very long and dark story. In the end the two have a decent day, no one dies, Jesus is locked up in the basement ad rick and Daryl looking at one another saying how stupid it is for them to go out, but going do it again tomorrow.

Even with all of this character building there came one more major surprise, well not so much as a surprise but more like it’s about time. Michonne was always living in the same house as Rick and Carl but it looks like she has moved her bedroom in with Rick and it’s about damn time. In the comic Rick ends up with Andrea and are still going strong but with the loss of her character in the show I always wondered if they would take this route. In the comic they flirted with the idea you can tell but the characters never crossed that line. To see it in the show is fantastic and seems like a great natural fit for both characters and if there is any relationship I am looking forward to watch grow it will be this one. This also alters one of the comic stories now as well leaving something open now and I can’t wait to see what they do with that.

Bad> How exactly did Deanna make it from the top floor of the house to the middle of the woods? How did she go two months without being discovered by someone else before that? I love the message and the take care of the ones you love but just a very big a plot hole for me.

Smurfs Take> A story in the style that Richard Donner would be impressed with. I loved tonight’s character exploration and development in a light hearted way. It focused on the human side and was the best way to slow things down after the Mr. Toads Wild Ride we had been on over the last few months. Couldn’t have a better way to introduce Jesus to the show with the same flair and personality that we are used to seeing in the comic. Best line of the night; “Law of averages is bullshit man!” Daryl.

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