Dead Zone

Walking Dead Knots Unite

walkingdeadheader.jpgAs predicted last week, with the introduction of Jesus it’s time for a road trip to Hill Top this week.

Good> Hilltop was everything I could have pictured from the comic, like traveling back to the 1800’s right down to the music being played as Rick and the group rolled up to the gate. In the comics the town is even drawn a little more vacant and bleak looking compared to Alexandria and it was so well captured in this episode. The mansion on the hill fit perfectly and even Gregory pulled from the comics was just as shifty, but in the show I have to admit he was a much bigger dick then I could have imagined. It was like this episode was scripted directly out of the comic as Rick’s world becomes so much bigger by the end of the whole situation. I almost feel bad, thinking that this is the major turning point for the group that they never can come back from. Even with Maggie’s hunting words at the end that this is going to cost them something. Rick taking everyone down a dark path and someone so much more than they could handle; Negan!

Throughout the episode we see just how effective Rick and the group are working as a team and taking on the unknown. Saving the handful of people from Hilltop that rolled their car and were being chased down by walkers. They vetted that place quickly and with the efficiency of a swat team but the only one that seemed to have a problem was Abraham. I’m not sure what they are doing to his character to be honest, I know in the comic Abraham did end up falling for someone else and left Rosita but he never had these moments of surrealism and doubts that we have witnessed over the last couple of episodes. It’s almost like what they did to Tyreese before they let him go. At least the girl in the comic was interested in Abraham where here Sasha doesn’t seem to care the slightest and even changes shifts to put some distance between the two of them. Even in his moments of self-doubt and questioning it all he still has a way with the vernacular as he starts to question Glenn on his choice to have a baby, “When you were pouring the Bisquick were you trying to make pancakes?” classic. But this is also playing into the lost and directionless world that he is in now trying to figure out what is it that he wants.

Jesus taking the group to Hilltop is great but is also the turning point in all of the stories that are going to follow. I do wonder if we will see the Wolves again or if that story has been played out and now with the Saviors coming in there won’t be room for it. I almost think that Jesus is taking advantage of Rick while I was watching this and having the foresight of the comics. Jesus comes right out and tells not just Rick but everyone they don’t have a whole lot of fighters. He already knows who Negan is and what the bargain is with him and the Saviors and is manipulating Rick to try and change the balance of power. It wasn’t the fact that they were good people or to set up some form of trade, it was to fight their battles for them. Jesus being the only fighter I really saw and of course the one Rick took out when he attacked Gregory, great first impression.5-things-you-might-have-missed-in-the-walking-dead-episode-knots-untie-866884.jpg

Bad> As much as I loved the focus on Abraham this week and his flair for the vernacular but I did have certain issues with his strange detachment. There is no way that guy in Hilltop should have gotten the drop on him and then he just lays there like he’s ready to give up and go into the light.

Smurfs Take> We finally get the lowdown on Negan and now comes the first contact which looks way more exciting than this episode was. I enjoyed he cat and mouse between Gregory and Maggie and she starts to take up her new role and the fact that Rick knew he wouldn’t have the patience to deal with him. I am sure it would have been an entirely different conversation had Rick been in there, almost sad he wasn’t.

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