Gotham Mr. Freezegotham-seaosn-2-mr-freeze-nathan-darrow.jpg

After the long midseason break Gotham returns and in a very impressive and immersive episode as it starts off with giving us flashbacks of the last episode. Gordon answering questions from Harvey Dent in front of a review panel about the final moments with Galavan. If there was any question or doubt that Gordon executed Galavan or pull a last moment we didn’t see forget about it, they showed without a doubt he pulled the trigger. As he sat before the committee creating a story that removed him from the situation and leaving town with Dr. Thompkins because he was fearful of her life after finding out she was pregnant. You can see during the entire proceeding that Captain Barnes wasn’t buying any of what Gordon was saying and through the entire episode was doubtful of his word and motivation. Maybe the Captain is as just a good cop, very passionate about the job he does and upholding justice and the code above all else. Gordon crossing that line still is a raw nerve for me and something I can’t see the character ever doing but maybe Penguin got into his head a little more than anyone had thought.

NE0Xf32uHdU731_3_b.jpgThat does put a few things in question but sets up some fantastic story lines if they do it right along with some much needed character development. Penguin goes to ground after that night with Galavan and is hiding out on the streets, somehow is discovered by GCPD and brought in by the Captain. I honestly thought that Penguin was going to point the finger at Gordon but instead claims to have killed Galavan and Gordon had nothing to do with it. Two fantastic points here that impressed me, Gordon holding the bluff with the Captain after he questioned Penguin. I was waiting for the Captain to call BS but accepted Penguin at his word this setting up Penguin to get shipped off to Arkham. The second part of this is the introduction of Hugo Strange who I have to applaud the casting on this. I know in the comic he isn’t Asian but the mannerisms, is speech patterns, the creepy beard and glasses all working so well. The character in the comic in my mind has always been a tier two villain, but with a lot of undiscovered potential. You get the feeling Penguin is a little lost after all of the events from the first half of the season and maybe has given up, you almost feel sorry for the little guy as all the inmates start to throw food and make fun of him. We know Penguin has his issues but how much more of a mess is he going to be after Hugo starts to experiment on him with his new wave treatments? With Penguin on the run that leaves one guy in charge and I loved this idea since they hinted at it in the first season. Butch! Butch with a drill in place of the hand that Penguin lopped off! Butch was great, no idea why he was killing someone this week with his new drill hand but it’s a cool affect that’s for sure raising the question did Penguins men just desert him or did Butch just take over. Then guess who wants to be his second in command as Tabitha Galavan emerges from the shadows wanting in on what Butch has going on, still disappointed by her brothers failure she is looking for the big score and yes it’s Butch.

It was a night for introductions that’s for sure, as we see the love story of Victor Fries and his ill wife Nora. I had my doubts about this, a few questions and trying to figure it out on the Batman timeline. In the comic Nora already was sick and the only way to save her was for Victor to freeze her while looking for a cure and one day bring her out of stasis. If I’m being completely honest I liked the story, I like the twists they added and how they portrayed the character. All of the elements from the comic were there, he was missing the big lab that he ran all of his experiments in but they did explain that with him being let go by Thomas Wayne. The character desperation to save his wife because of his love for her, crossing lines he normally wouldn’t but given little choice because of the severe situation and ticking clock. What I loved was his cold gun and flash freezing people to negative 162 degrees then trying to find a way to bring them back. All of his victims suffering the fate of an ice-cream cone on a July afternoon was a great twist and how she reacted to discovering it was humans Victor was experimenting on instead of mice. Even after her discovery she was still unwilling to give Victor up to Gordon and Bullock regardless of the consequences to herself. I’m anxious to see where they take the character and just how close to the comic they will bring him, for now we just have to deal with him looking like a bad Captain Cold knock off.

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