Smurfs High Five


Contenders for March 16, 2016

huck #5 Huck #5> An old grudge leads to deadly threats against Huck and those he holds dear. (W) Mark Millar (A/CA) Rafael Albuquerque

Low #12 Low #12> “Shore of the Dying Light” Part 2 at last Stel Caine reaches the surface, but what she finds there isn’t what she imagined. (W) Rick Remender (A) Greg Tocchini

infinity eternity #2 Infinity Entity #2> Continuing his efforts to piece together his lost recent past, Adam Warlock is confronted by the bizarre and powerful In-Betweener, then begins a nightmarish tour of a ravaged universe. Each answer unearthed produces even more vexing questions, until Warlock receives an astral summons he cannot ignore. (W) Jim Starlin (A/CA) Alan Davis

international Iron Man #1 International Iron Man #1> Who is Tony Stark, really? Since learning that he was adopted as a baby, this question has cast a shadow over Stark’s life. Now, it is time to uncover what his legacy truly is, a journey that will carry Tony into new directions as a man and as a super hero. Alongside his strange new quasi-ally Doctor Doom, Iron Man will discover new things about the Marvel Universe he didn’t know existed before! A character deconstruction from Bendis and Maleev along the lines of their award-winning DAREDEVIL run! (W) Brian Michael Bendis (A/CA) Alex Maleev

powerman and iron fist #2 Power Man and Iron Fist #2> JENNIE AND THE FAMILY SUPERSOUL STONE A villain now has her hands on a mystically powerful stone, and it’s all Luke and Danny’s fault! Well, maybe it’s not ALL their fault. They were tricked by an old friend, but that’s little comfort to our two heroes, much less the gangster from whom they took the stone. Someone phone Jessica Jones and let her know Luke’s going to be late. Maybe she could binge-watch an awesome streaming super hero show? (W) David Walker (A/CA) Sanford Greene

Smurfs Pick

sinestro #21 Sinestro #21> The climactic battle between the Sinestro Corps and The Paling is here! Sinestro has bolstered the ranks of the Corps with some of Earth’s most powerful heroes and villains-but will that be enough to defeat a creature who is immune to the powers of the Yellow Rings? A new status quo for the Sinestro Corps begins here! (W) Cullen Bunn (A/CA) Brad Walker, Andrew Hennessy

Smurfs Take> I love villain books, and this has been an amazing series from the start. It’s not that Sinestro is evil or a bad guy, it’s just his point of view that makes his motivation questionable. Is it so wrong that he is just looking out for the betterment of people? Just because it’s under his ruthless rule through fear is that so bad? This series like Magneto has shown the gray area of good and bad exploring the limits one would go for what they think is the right thing.

Hard Cover of the Week

quarantine zone hc Quarantine Zone HC> In the future, humanity has discovered the root of all evil: a virus that modifies the neural pathways for empathy. Those infected have been forcibly imprisoned in the Quarantine Zone-regardless of whether they choose to do good or evil. Meanwhile, the rest of the world is sterile and crime-free, but permeated by an oppressive, paranoid fear of new outbreaks of the malnoro virus. Written by New York Times best-selling novelist Daniel H. Wilson, QUARANTINE ZONE is an action/sci-fi original graphic novel that examines questions about free will and the nature of good and evil. Co-published with Alloy Entertainment. (W) Daniel H. Wilson (A) Fernando Pasarin, Matt Ryan (CA) Massimo Carnevale

Action Figure of the Week

red son afDC Comics Red Son Superman Rah Figure> From MEDICOM Toy. Based on DC Comics’ 2003 Superman: Red Son by Mark Millar and Dave Johnson, here’s MEDICOM’s Real Action Heroes version of what the Man of Steel might have been like had he crash-landed in the U.S.S.R., not the U.S., as a baby! Measuring approximately 12″ tall, the figure includes additional muscles on the RAH 301 Kai body, interchangeable hands and a display stand.  

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