Dead Zone

Walking Dead Twice as Far

mettal head.jpegTonight I had a bad feeling; that something really bad was going to happen. I guess that’s like watching any episode of the Walking Dead but it was different, the last few episodes the group has gotten off pretty easy all things considered. It was about time that luck ran out but I have to admit I didn’t see this one coming.

Good> After the end of last week’s episode things look like they go back to normal, a routine for the day to day Carol smokes a cigarette, Gabriel walks around with a rifle looking very proud with himself and Morgan finishes his prison just so Rick has other choices next time. I fear Morgan is just setting himself up for a big letdown on this and his quest that every life matters. I know in the comics Rick does start to bend a little in that train of thought but that is one long hard road till that happens. Maybe it’s Morgan that helps Rick to see that as an option instead of the kill them all approach he has had. The big step up this week has to be from Eugene laying it out and going against bro code by telling Abraham that he has outlived his usefulness to him. Not as brutal as Abraham was when telling Rosita he thought she was the last woman on Earth so he could chase Sasha but for a moment it looked like his feel bads got hurt. The analogy Eugene uses is classic and in the true geek form, like leveling up a character in a video game or RPG that aside for the moment the story is starting to follow along the same lines as the comic as Eugene is wanting to make bullets. If I’m honest I was expecting Abraham to die this week, but no. I will say this, Eugene is always surprising me and the way his character is developing has been fun to see, some inspired from the comics and just the progression on the show. I am sure there will be a lasting impression of him where Dwight is concerned and I can’t believe they took that scene from the comics but I guess he is tired of not being taken seriously.

Abraham-Killed-in-The-Walking-Dead-Comic-Book.jpg The field trip to Edison’s Apothecary that Daryl, Rosita, and Dr. Denise take is odd to me. I know Dr. Denise is trying to prove she has some worth and is trying to conquer her fear of being out in the wild but she just seemed so hell bent to do it. It was cool to see her expand a little and show that there are other sides to her character than just patching people up and being a love interest for Tara. I do have some major issues with Daryl and Rosita taking her out that I will get to, even if she has the map to the place they are going, but the big surprise was the resurfacing of Dwight. I knew it was him when Daryl had the run in with the group in the burnt forest when he lost his cross bow. This time Dwight shows up with the melted face, for those that haven’t read the comic this is very significant. If you are disobedient with Negan part of the punishment he deals out is burning your face, more importantly this happened to Dwight because Negan was taking his woman and he wasn’t going to let it happen. Will we get to see the backstory for the facial scar Dwight is sporting? I would hope so, just to see how twisted Negan can get as they build up the character and what better way than to see his code in action. It is almost the perfect set up from the events of last week’s episode with Daryl questioning letting them go and not killing them when he had the chance. Now that decision comes back full force to haunt him and cost them a very valuable member of the group. It could have gone a lot worse than it did granted but the way Dwight spoke it sounds like they know where Alexandrea is now and with only two episodes left it can’t be long till they are knocking on the front door.

Bad> You are the town Doctor. A very important role in a world chewing up people like a homeless person at a buffet. You do not take this person out into the open no matter how much they beg, come on! Dr. Denise suffering the fate that Abraham did in the comic, well end with an arrow that is and still just as shocking. Why would Daryl take the tracks? I don’t know if one way is safer than another but to me I would say the road a little less places to hide and get rushed like they did.

I don’t know if I like what they are doing with Carol, like she is slipping and making mistakes that we haven’t seen her make. After realizing her kill count and how eye opening that can be she has been dealing with it so well till now I don’t know if she would start to second guess herself like she has. Carol has had such drive and vision till now but I was reminded this weekend that we have seen this with every character (Rick, Daryl and so forth) that it’s her turn to have the same moment that all of these characters have had. I don’t believe that it would cause her to want to leave the group all together especially after the last run in with the saviors and knowing full well what can happen out in the wild when you’re on your own. It just seems like a lame excuse to me after seeing her work so hard to defend and hold the town to just abandon everyone seems out of place.

Smurfs Take> Will Abraham get Glenn’s fate from the comics now that Denise took his?

Never trust a tree that’s fallen in the middle of the road..should be a rule from zombie land! I liked the message, Dr. Denise’s final words, there is always taking chances in this world and nothing is a safe bet you could go out against a walker or a savior you just never know. A very pointed conversation just didn’t see that as the way it would end for her. Two weeks left and it’s a guessing game who’s going to make it to the end and will we see Negan. I know there are some concerns that Glenn might not make it to the next season since he is suddenly not available for Walker Stalker Con here in Denver. It is tradition to be on Talking Dead right after your character gets killed, but then what do I know? I could be wrong.

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