The Walking Dead

Caution…The Article in front of you may contain spoilers…Reader discretion is advised

Walking Dead Last Day on Earth616Feat.jpg

A night of tension and doubts as Morgan tries to find Carol and Rick fights to get Maggie to Hilltop to save her from miscarrying. Daryl takes a bullet at the end of last week’s episode, does it end well for him?

Good> I what I love the most about Morgan is the unwavering loyalty and faith in the human spirit. Continuing to search for Carol from last week is just Morgan, and his mantra that every life matters. I know there is more to it than that when referring to the relationship between them after the Wolves had invaded. Carol’s personal issues pushing her further into a state of despair and Morgan acting like her guardian angel not allowing her to make this self destructive mistake. Does Morgan’s own journey help see the signs better than most? I like that Carol asks Morgan if he thinks she is just being dramatic for drama sake but in her mind it just comes down to not wanting to kill anymore. Finding she can’t continue with the ones she loves because that leaves her with no choice when having to defend them, kill or be killed. If that’s true or not is difficult to say, I just think she is feeling guilty for the amount of lives she has taken up to this point. We get to see that when the one lone Savior from the road massacre last week catches up to her, wanting to make her suffer before killing her and Carol calling him out on it. This leaves Morgan no choice but to cross the one line we have seen him flirt with all season as he puts six bullets into the Savior. I say about damn time and I think this is now going to be a way for Morgan help carry the weight of Carol’s burden. Answers left for next season as we get a better look at the man who lost his horse last episode as he discovers the two and offers to help the both of them out. My best guess is this will lead to the introduction of the next big player in the upcoming power struggle, Ezekiel and the Kingdom.

8680180_negan-introduced-in-the-walking-dead-last_fcee9ceb_m.jpg Is there a price to pay? It becomes the main question that plagues Rick and his group the entire episode. It’s obvious I think to Rick that they rushed in way too quickly when dealing with the Saviors making a bigger mess of everything and by the end of the episode you can see just how helpless Rick looks as he tries to see a way out of the situation. In the comics it wasn’t like this, Rick got caught off guard, and had no way out unlike tonight with every turn the Saviors were sitting waiting for them. Herding them toying with them, undermining the confidence of the whole group with every setback and roadblock so by the end they were all in a panic and desperate to just make it to Hilltop. Leaves you to wonder just how many Saviors there really are? All spread out over the woods and roads not to mention the already sizeable body count that Ricks group has put up over the last few episodes and still be vastly outnumbered every step of the way. Rule number one in a horror movie never split up and I knew that would be the end of it. I expected Eugene to get killed when they split but to my surprise he didn’t. Sure they beat the hell out of him a bit but he was saved for the big huddle up at the end of the episode.

negan intro.png

At this point for me it became increasingly difficult to watch, it was issue 100 coming to brutal life and color before my eyes. The group on its knees, no where left to run out of options and bargaining time for the moment we have all be waiting for the entire season, Negan’s grand entrance. BEST INTRODUCTION EVER!!! Jeffery Dean Morgan walked in like a boss, it would have brought a tear to the Comedians eye as the build up and wait pays off brilliantly and so worth it. This moment, the scene as it plays out before us the waiting and anticipation as Negan goes through his speech you are hanging on his every word. Wanting to look away but you can’t because you don’t want to miss anything and captivated by Jeffery’s deliverance of a very brutal end for one character. The execution of this moment is one of the most original I can ever think of and it has to be added as one of the best cliffhanger’s of all time.

Bad> Why try to take Maggie to Hilltop and not just send one person to get the Doctor and bring him to her? I get that the Saviors are all over but how did they even know Rick was going out and headed to Hilltop? That’s a lot of time to sut be sitting and waiting to but on this big show. Dwight is an ass! Why does Abraham want to make babies already? The just started dating I think that could wait a little bit.

Twd100cover_adlard.jpg Smurfs Take> A horse that finally did not die in the show! Best line of the night for me has to be from Eugene; “I will be your anchorman. Yes I damn will!” for nothing more than him just nutting up in a moment he didn’t have to. I never thought I would say this but the same goes for Father Gabriel who steps up to run Alexandria. This never happened in the comic, and is a little different of a roll for the character as we have seen in the comics and I like it. The man is firm in his roll and confident that he will rise to the occasion no matter what it might be. I have been looking forward to this night for a very long time, ever since I read issue 100 in the comics and knew this day would come. Like the Red Wedding in Game of Thrones, just how they would do it was the hang up. It has to be one of the most disturbing images in comics for me personally and to witness it firsthand like we did tonight was very well played. Now the only question that remains, who did we lose?


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