Adventures in Cosplay

Power in the Healing and Giving

rangers at the hospital.jpgHello my name is Ken Sullivan, and I will be reviewing, commenting on, and sharing anything Power Rangers. My son Anthony and I Cosplay as Power Rangers with a group here in Colorado known as “The Colorado Rangers”. We do the cons event after event, so when you see us come say hi and get a pic. More recently within the last year we have started doing more events including kid’s birthdays in full Power Ranger costume. We enjoy bringing smiles to the kids’ faces of a whole the new generation of Ranger fans and even the parents that grew up with the original series. With so many different Rangers in the group we continue to grow every year and we couldn’t be happier event after event and con after con.

For many years Alice 105.9 has done a telethon drive for Children’s Hospital and as my son has been a patient many times there so I’ve helped and donated in the past much as I can. This year was a little different, but ohhh so much better. I was able to work with Sean Swallow from the BJ and Jamie morning show for the Power Rangers Cosplay group to make an appearance this year. It was our biggest event we have done to date and couldn’t be more ecstatic with the turnout. We had multiple Rangers from different Seasons including my son as the NEW Gold Ranger from Super Dino Charge.

We got to walk the atrium and cafeteria area getting our pictures taken with so many different families that had shown up for the charity event. Then we were able to go upstairs and visit the kids that couldn’t come down. The care that Children’s Hospital provides to the young ones astonishes me along with the support to their families goes unmatched by anything else I know. To see the power in these families with the wide range of illnesses and problems brought tears to my eyes. I have been in the same spot before with my son and also just the very next week again.

We (The Colorado Rangers) will be at Children’s Hospital again, more birthdays, awesome events, and of course cons. So be on the lookout for us and if you would like to join the group, come on and get involved. Next up is going to be a review of the new Power Ranger Comics and the greatness that they hold for fans of the old and new.


2 thoughts on “Adventures in Cosplay

  1. They came to my kids’ birthday and were a big hit! Such nice people, happy and creative and perfect to make an event memorable!


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