Smurfs High Five

Contenders for May 25, 2016

Tokyo Ghost #7 Tokyo Ghost #7> The Tokyo Ghost has come to liberate New Los Angeles from the stranglehold of Flak Industries. But the powerful don’t go down without a fight, and this fight’s about to get ugly. (W) Rick Remender (A) sean Gordon Murphy

 East of West #26>”COLLAPSE” The very last chance for diplomacy fails on the eve of the world’s end.(W) Jonathan Hickman (A/CA) Nick Dragotta

 Star Wars #19>  Will Leia be able to save a prison full of Imperial forces? Or will the mastermind of the takeover strike back against the Empire?Find out as “Rebel Jail” concludes! (W) Jason Aaron (A/CA) Leinil Francis Yu

 Doctor Strange #8> THE LAST DAYS OF MAGIC STORY CONTINUES! All of Doctor Strange’s magic has been destroyed and our world is on the edge of disaster. What on Earth can Stephen do? (W) Jason Aaron (A/CA) Chris Bachalo

 DC Universe Rebirth #1> It all begins here. Do not skip to the last page. Do not let a friend or message board ruin this comic for you. The future (and past) of the DC Universe starts here. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!
THEY SAID IT: “Rebirth is about focusing in on the core of the character and their respective universe,” says writer and DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns. “It brings back what has been lost, the legacy of the characters, the love and the hope of the DCU!”(W) Geoff Johns (A) Gary Frank & Various (CA) Gary Frank

Smurfs Pick

 Justice League #50> This is it!! The massive, 48-page conclusion to the critically-acclaimed “DARKSEID WAR” can hardly be contained between two covers! Don’t miss the final fates of the world’s greatest heroes and villains, along with world-changing revelations for Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. It doesn’t get bigger than this as DC’s monthly super hero event comic sets the stage for the next year and beyond! (W) Geoff Johns (A/CA) Jason Fabok

Smurfs Take> The colossal end to one of the best Justice League series and what better way to end it than with Darkseid. I don’t know how this leads into Rebirth, I am curious what Batman saw and how it affects the team but the one thing I know for sure is Geoff Johns never disappoints in telling a story. I loved is run on GL and it’s never been the same I wonder if the same will be said about the League.

Trade Paperback of the Week

Black Science, Vol. 4 TP Black Science TP Vol 4 God World> Following the catastrophic final jump of the Pillar, the last Dimensionaut is stranded in the furthest reaches of space, adrift on the wreckage of his former self. Before he can reclaim his mantle as protector of the Eververse, he must first overcome the demons that lurk within his own soul. Collects BLACK SCIENCE #17-21 (W) Rick Remender (A) Matteo Scalera

Statue of the Week

STK688790.jpgDC Comics Bombshelles Cheetah Statue> DESIGNED BY ANT LUCIA; SCULPTED BY SAM GREENWELL From the depths of the darkest jungle comes Cheetah, the latest in the popular line of DC Comics Bombshells statues! Camera in hand and knife at the ready, Cheetah is ready for whatever action comes her way!
Measures Approximately 10.7″ Tall


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