The Fantasy Football Clique


With the unequivocal popularity of Fantasy Football in American culture today and since Fantasy Football is a sport played on a primarily on a computer with thousands of stats and equations to compile, we think Fantasy Football can truly be classified as a Geek Sport.

Here’s where we come in.

We feel a weekly segment on Fantasy Football will help you win some bragging rights with friends, your quest to be the champion of your league, and for the more serious enthusiast (like Fanduel or Draft Kings) we would like to point out a few tips that could be helpful with your Geek gambling habit.

For starters, we are assuming you, the Fantasy Football Geek, are more than proficient at all that is involved with this Fantasy world…. the basics like rules, scoring, and especially the players. We don’t want to rehash the usual top 20 players that every magazine and TV show has already done. We want to go deeper with our opinions (which we have lots) and match-ups; hopefully it’s something that is new to you and may not have considered.

Now this is where I come in, I bring over 20 years of competitive Fantasy Football play and studies to the table.  I am not rich from Fantasy Football, nor am I the constant champion of my leagues. I’m just a working man who puts a lot of time and energy into the sport I love. Let’s just say I am right more than I am wrong and hopefully I can point out a few things that can help you win. So please don’t expect me to be right 100% of the time, but just use me as a helpful tool in your quest to ultimate bragging rights. I welcome questions or even debates if you like, but keep in mind, I’m doing this to help 5280 Geek expand and grow.  So if you like, tell a friend and be sure to “click” on this little clique we want to get rolling.

Yours Truly;

FF Geek

Oh and on a side note we will get a few Smurf takes on football too. I promise!

Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks for draft night strategies, sleepers, and players to stay away from.

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