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Today I want to emphasize the teams that are going to be high powered offense and in turn explosive in the scoring points department. High scoring teams produce a lot of Fantasy points as you all know. So it is a must to “get a piece” of these teams in your draft, I also want to point out a few teams that look so bad now that you might want to avoid them completely.

& Green Bay and Pittsburgh: These offenses are loaded and ready to score over 35 points a week, especially with Green Bay as their schedule looks much easier than Pittsburgh. Now these are the teams that everyone expects to score a lot, so if you want their premium players like Aaron Rodgers and Antonio Brown, you will have to snag them in the first round. (Antonio should go 1st overall) With his return from injury, and the suspension of the first three games, Jordy Nelson and Le’veon Bell should drop to the second round. I would also expect Big Ben could go in the early third round or late second depending on the league and Randall Cobb should go in the third round too. Keep in mind that both of these team’s Kickers are money.

Carolina: Cam Newton’s MVP quality play last year showed the world that he is a top Fantasy choice. You will have to grab him early. Greg Olson is his favorite target and just behind Gronkowski on almost every TE drafting list. WR Kelvin Benjamin is coming back from injury after missing all of last year, he could be a high risk, but trust me, someone will take a chance on him early. Carolina’s Defense is something to target as well once the Defenses start to go.

 Arizona: I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Arizona offense! David Johnson will be a top RB choice and will definitely go in the first round. Larry Fitzgerald goes later in the draft yet always produces. Every year I pass on him and every year he proves me wrong by posting some great numbers. Grab either Michael Floyd or John Brown later in the draft, they are solid WR2s. Did I mention how late in the draft Carson Palmer usually goes? He can go as early as seven or as late as the tenth round, quite the steal that late in a draft.

 Dallas: Yes, Dallas! They are new to this list, but after watching them in Preseason and knowing how powerful their Offensive line is, I just have to get a piece of these guys! Ezekiel Elliott is on everyone’s Fantasy radar; I’m sure he will go in the first round but is kind of a gamble that early because he has been injured. I like Alfred Morris as a late round steal to keep an eye on. Of course Dez Bryant is a must! Dez just was diagnosed with a concussion and will probably miss the rest of preseason but this shouldn’t affect him long term but he should fall to the second round because of that. Romo, with his injury prone past could go after the tenth round. He scares me.

 New England: You can never bet against New England. With Brady missing the first four games, he should be a steal in the sixth round but Gronkowski will be the first TE to go and in round one before some RB’s, definitely worth it. I’m a little shy to take Julian Edelman this year. He has always been money in past seasons but the beatings that little man takes has got to catch up to him eventually. Look out for Chris Hogan as a late round gamble (dude is perfect to replace Edelman). Dion Lewis is injured so keep an eye on the other backs in preseason. With Belicheck it’s anyone’s guess who the next breakout RB for New England will be.

Honorable Mentions:

Jacksonville Miami San Diego:           These teams are just poised for breakout offensive seasons all have come close to the play offs and are one upset away from taking the division. I like their talent and Offensive Philosophies and most of their players should go much later in the draft.

Teams to Stay Away from:

  San Francisco: This team does not look good at all! Chip Kelly has yet to prove his offense can work in the NFL. They are my prediction to have the first overall pick in next year’s draft.

 Houston: I just don’t see Brock Osweiler making it happen. In fact, I see him getting hurt because he holds onto the ball too long, and then they will be in serious trouble because they have no second string QB worth anything. I’m even staying away from Deandre Hopkins, and that’s saying a lot because he was Fantasy gold for me last year.

Detroit: With Calvin gone, I just don’t see them doing much. I could be wrong on this one because if there is one team that could surprise me this season this on would be it.

 Cleveland: “nuff said” its Cleveland! Ok,ok…. I do like their TE Gary Barnidge. But Cleveland will let you down every time.

 Chicago: They have a RB in Jeremy Langford. But their Offensive line isn’t looking too good and their Defense looks even worse. That means they will be playing from behind a lot and Jay Cutler will be throwing more which usually is a recipe for interceptions and zero running game.

Hope all of this helps you in your upcoming drafts this weekend and more to come.

Good Luck

FF Geek


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