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Final Random thoughts for Fantasy Football Drafts;

A horrible injury to Teddy Bridgewater – This is a possible championship team that just lost their QB for the year. Very sad, this will greatly affect almost all FF players on the Vikings in a negative way. Adrian Peterson could be the only exception.

Tony Romo is hurt again – Yes, it only took three plays and Romo will be missing the next five to seven weeks. Stay away from him until he, at least, completes a couple of games if he even returns for this season. Dak Prescott has looked great in preseason and could be someone to take a chance on late in the draft.

When picking a WR – Wide Receivers can be very up and down, especially in a PPR (points per reception) league. The one stat I like to use the most is Targets. Julio Jones was targeted the most last year with 203. Followed by Antonio Brown with 193 and DeAndre Hopkins with 192. Look up these stats before you draft instead of just who scored more points last year. Targets will tell you exactly who the QB wants to get the ball to the most.

Kick Returner/Punt Returner – Some leagues give points to the individual KR and PR on top of the Defense/Special Teams scores. That means guys like Tyler Lockett (SEA), Travis Benjamin (SD) and Ryan Grant (WASH) will be late round Fantasy Gold.

The Home Team Factor – A lot of us at 5280 live in the Colorado area and if you do as well, I want to point out how The Broncos FF players will be targeted earlier than all the draft forecasts have them charted. Be aware of this practice because a lot of fans want players from their favorite teams to cheer for Sunday who are on their FF team.

Rule of 3s –  This is the rule of patience. If you have a player that just ain’t producing like he should; give him at least three weeks before making a change. There is always a reason for a player to not produce, but getting rid of them after just one or two disappointing games is a little hasty and could be a huge mistake. Let the season play out a little before giving him up for nothing.

Sleepers – Late round picks with promising upside.

QBs –(NYJ) Ryan Fitzpatrick, (CLE) Robert Griffen III, and (BALT) Joe Flacco.

WRs –(ATL) Mohammad Sanu, (CLE) Terrelle Pryor, and (CIN) Tyler Boyd.

TEs- (SF) Vance McDonald, (CHI) Zach Miller, and (DEN) Virgil Green.

Top 5 – Just my top 5 best players overall. Sorry, I had to.

  1. Antonio Brown WR  
  2. Todd Gurley RB  
  3. David Johnson RB 
  4. Julio Jones WR 
  5. Odell Beckham Jr WR 

Now, I look at the Fantasy Football season in three sections.

1st. The Draft – Your Draft is the start of the season. You must shoot for five or six solid players that you can count on week in and week out. You also need a couple guys that are the big producers that can carry your team in the lean weeks. Those guys are in the first few rounds, so make those picks count! Everyone else can be replaced as the year goes on.

2nd Coaching – As the year goes on, you have to constantly pay attention to the waiver wire, follow up and coming players and adjust your roster accordingly. You have to stay ahead of the game, or at least the other owners in your league. Also you have to start the right players each week. Coaching is huge! And it can make up ground if you have a bad draft.

3rd Playoff Run – No matter how good you draft and coach, if you make it to the playoffs, it all comes down to just three weeks of football. You must plan for it ahead of time by picking the right match-ups for the last three weeks of the season. It usually comes down to players you haven’t used all year.

You do good in all three categories and winning ultimate bragging rights will quickly follow. I plan on helping you all along the way with coaching and playoff preparation. Don’t forget to watch all the FF shows, keep up with all the stats and hopefully including my little info can add to your arsenal of knowledge in the Geek world of Football.

Good Luck, and talk to you soon.

FF Geek


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