Fantasy Football Clique

Week 1 Matchups!

Saturdays I like to focus on this weekend’s match-ups and throw in a few Sleepers to consider.

Top 3 Rushing Match-ups:

vs  – Gurley all day…. OMG

vs  – Chiefs at home, opening weekend, and Spencer Ware is looking good.

vs – Bears Defense is not looking too well. Good day for Lamar Miller.

Top 3 Passing Match-ups;

vs  – Again, Bears on the road, defense looks suspect, Osweiler and Co looking good.

vs  – Pittsburgh’s high powered offense is ready to blow this year up!

vs  – Seattle at home against the revamped Dolphins D. Russel Wilson is GOLD here.


QB – Mathew Stafford and Robert Griffin III.

RB – Spencer Ware and Christine Micheal

WR – Will Fuller and Terrelle Pryor

News and Notes:

Rob Gronkowski is a no go this week. Big disappointment for FF and Patriot fans, as a replacement pick up keep an eye on Martellus Bennett.

Las Vegas over/under has the Steeler/Redskins game and the Lions/Colts game forecast for the highest points scored this weekend. And the Vikings/Titans game as the lowest. This is always good information to go by, because isn’t Vegas usually right?

Good Luck!

And Enjoy opening weekend.

 FF Geek

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