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Week 2 Matchups!

Saturdays I like to focus on this weekend’s match-ups and throw in a few Sleepers for consideration.

Top 3 Rushing Match-ups:

vs  – Anderson looks great!

vs – Shane Vereen could have a big day in a PPR format. Rashad Jennings is still the Man.

vs  – Jeremy Langford will get a lot of carries.

Top 3 Passing Match-ups:

vs  – OMG! This should be a high scoring game on both sides, and both defenses need help means an old fashion shoot out.

vs  – A rookie tore up the Browns last week in his NFL debut. Imagine what Flacco will do?

vs  – Atlanta Defense looks suspect, especially against Oakland’s high scoring Offense.



QB – Joe Flacco and Trevor Siemian

RB – Duke Johnson and Alfred Morris

WR – Nelson Agholar and Victor Cruz

TE – Virgil Green and Jesse James

News and Notes:

RG III is out! Josh McCown in and is a much better and more efficient QB. Look for Gary Barnidge to have better games and more looks.

Keenan Allen is a huge loss for the Chargers. While most everyone is picking up Travis Benjamin, I want you to keep an eye on Tyrell Williams because he is actually the one taking Allen’s spot on the team and could have WR1 numbers. Key word is “could”.

After the Bill’s defense gave up 37 points on Thursday night’s game, Rex Ryan fired his Offensive Coordinator. It only makes sense to Rex right now, so be very careful with any of the Bill’s offensive players for a while.

Las Vegas over/under has the Giants/Saints and the Bucs/Cardinals games as the highest points this weekend. Look for good offensive points in those two games.

Good Luck!


 FF Geek

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