Dead Zone

This month I will cover a slightly different topic than the usual Creepy Colorado but will just be laid to rest for this month and rise again in November. Cooler weather has begun to roll in, the harvest moon has never been so orange, and the line at Starbucks is out the door as guest scramble to obtain a pumpkin spice latte’s, Fall is officially here. With fall and the impending Halloween Season begins the kick off of Horror movies on various cable networks and with that I would like to discuss my personal top 10 scary moments in horror films. As a horror film fanatic I have compiled a list of scenes from movies old and new that have personally frightened me. ***Attention Spoilers Ahead***


10. Halloween, Michael Myers Death:

John Carpenter’s masterpiece ends with Sam Loomis shooting Michael Myers. Upon unloading several rounds, Myers falls out the window dead. After looking out the window Myers has disappeared.


9. House on Haunted Hill, Old lady scene:

Vincent Price has always been a staple in cinematic horror, he stars in House on Haunted Hill as an eccentric millionaire who will pay guest a large sum of money who are willing to spend the night in his haunted house. This scene is one of the first startle scares in the horror genre and is an effect that is often times used today.


8. Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Hook Scene:

Texas Chainsaw Massacre combined the style of a grindhouse film with a modern day horror film and was way ahead of its time and with the tag line, “based on a true story” The graphic scene of Pam’s death where she is hung on a meat hook is so intense that I felt it deserved a part in this countdown.


7. The Conjuring, clap scene:

The Conjuring provided a modern day look at a paranormal film following on the heels of the success of paranormal activity it looks at a previous case which occurred by a well-known paranormal investigator and her husband. This movie has inspired several spin offs and continues in its success. One of the most startling moments in the movie is the game of clap clap, a game similar to hind and seek.


4. Friday the 13th boat scene:

The first Friday the 13th ends with no signs of Jason and Jason never even dawns his iconic hockey mask till the 3rd film in the series. After Jasons psychopathic mother has gone on a revenge filled rampage we see our protagonist waiting in a canoe on Camp Crystal Lake.  While peaceful music is playing we see a young Jason reach out of the water pulling her in giving actor Ari Lehman title of, “First Jason”


5. Jaws, Ben Gardner’s Boat:

In Steven Spielberg’s classic Jaws the duo of Chief Brody and researcher Hooper search the local feeding grounds for whatever creature is wreaking havoc. Their search happens upon Ben Gardner’s boat where Hooper dawns a wet suit and enters the water to see what damages are below. While audiences are waiting on the edge of their seat for the great white himself to show up we are instead startled by Ben Gardner with an incredible misdirect from the director.


4. Alien: Chest burst scene:

In space no one can hear you scream, this isolation film follows a crew on the space ship Nostromo. This scene is so iconic it became a piece of pop culture history even referenced in other movies. After the crew has attended to one of their injured crew mates they celebrate his recovery by enjoying a nice meal when everything goes wrong.


3. The Thing, Defibrillation scene:

John Carpenter is a horror icon; his success in this genre is why as a director he has another film that has made it on this list. The Thing is known for its use in practical effects and models which is why in my opinion it still looks better on screen than most cgi horror films today. When attempting to revive another researcher things go horribly wrong as he has been infected by The Thing in this next scene.

2. The Exorcist, Crab walk:

The Exorcist defined the supernatural films within the horror genre. It was so unnerving when it first opened theaters would have ambulances on standby as publicity stunts. Unnatural body contortions such as Reagans heads spinning really set audiences off. For me one of the most disturbing scenes in this movie is watching Reagan crab walk down the stairs.


1. Misery: Hobbling scene

Kathy Bates has secured herself in the more modern horror genre with her characters on American Horror Story. I believe her recent success is due to her experience playing a psychopath keeping a writer hostage in Stephen Kings, Misery. The top teeth grinding horror moment is when Kathy Bates hobbles her captive writer with a sledge hammer.


Please feel free to list your top picks in the comments below:

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