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The Flash: Flashpoint

There is the old adage, “If it works don’t fix it” and the last two seasons of the Flash have worked. They have worked so well in my opinion that it was the benchmark that I was holding all of the network shows to. The sophomore season of the Flash was almost flawless with story, plot and character developments as Earth 2 was introduced opening the door to a whole new Rogues gallery to pick from and the best part for me another Well’s. A character that we really don’t know but has been a great catalyst and antagonist all in one and not to mention the man in the Iron mask whose identity I did have correct (sort of). So when the season ended with Flash going back in time yet again to change all of it following the “Flashpoint” story line from the comics made me cringe. This is the story line that DC used to reset their comic universe creating the new 52 a few years ago. How would it effect, what I consider a great working chemistry and story? What are the consequences to such a desperate and drastic act of grief? If you had the power to do it….would you?

 Image result for the flash flashpoint The season three opener is life through the looking glass as we see a world of what if and playing catch up as everything that has been established over the two seasons is turned upside down. Barry has been in a world of pure bliss having both of his parents alive, someone else playing the role of the Flash, and still has his job with CCPD. The rest of his friends not doing as well but getting by with the exception of Cisco who is the wealthiest person in the world and the owner of his own tech company in what used to be S.T.A.R. Labs. It’s not all rainbows and butterflies for Barry, his actions have come at a price, not only does he have Reverse Flash locked up in a power dampening cell but is also starting to lose memories of how things use to be. What I really love about the moments between the two of them as Barry brought food to Thawne was how sure he was that Barry would release him and ask him to kill his mother. I was to see more of this Reverse Flash in season three, just how quickly he was able to flip everything on Barry and ask him who really was the villain in this scenario. Just how much Thawne hates Barry but out of a need for his own survival decides to help Barry at the end of the episode.

Image result for the flash flashpoint What I didn’t like was how the West family just fell apart without Barry being part of the family. Joe barely holding on to his job as a cop and some sort of angry with the world alcoholic. He doesn’t have a great relationship with Iris or Wally and it isn’t till the episode that we see a little of the Joe we know and love. We also get the slightest peek at how Wally would do as the Flash because here he is the one that was hit by lightning and Iris helps him fight crime. The other thing that bothered me, it doesn’t look like there was an explosion of Dark Matter at S.T.A.R. Lab’s that created the Meta Human issue. There is an evil speedster name Rival who knows about the Speed Force, something we only found out about just at the very end of last season. It’s this fight/team-up between Wall and Barry that leads to the fight at the end and Wally being mortally wounded, the only way to save him and Barry’s fading memories is to do what Thawne said; go back in time and put things the way they were supposed to be. How many times do we have to see Barry’s mother get killed?

Image result for the flash flashpoint Flashpoint and the New 52 for DC comics was a great story line pulling in new readers and giving us a facelift on the established hero’s. Is this story line too soon for the TV show? There are so many other ideas and places to go with the character and we will see how they spin this into the rest of the season. Reverse Flash’s has some rather cryptic words before he leaves, what have Barry’s actions done to the timeline? We don’t wait long for an answer with a mystery surrounding some drastic incident and what could have happened to the relationship between Joe and Iris to drive a wedge between them? Solid start for season three? With a watered down version of Flash Point sure. Where does it go from here is the better question now that Reverse Flash is free? If I am thinking this through correctly we get Eddie back because he wouldn’t have killed himself to stop Thawne’s plan in addition, we get the original Wells back because Reverse Flash isn’t stranded in the past thanks to Barry. Oh what a twisted little story it has become.             

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