Smurfs Take

Flash Paradox

For every action there is an opposite reaction, or if you are from the school of thought of going back in time and you kill a butterfly it could be the end of the world. Flash returns from Flashpoint to a different and odd new world that has some subtle differences and so way out there one but best of all they go head first at the time travel dilemma…thank god.

      I was starting to worry about this pattern I was seeing and also wondering how many times we had to see poor Barry’s mom get killed. Time travel is a too easy crutch for the writers to use when trying to figure out how to fix something or give the story a much needed twist. Next thing you know it’s just getting abused and you start to lose track of how things are supposed to be. Even this week I am still trying to figure a few things out where Dr. Wells is concerned and what didn’t happen and still would have in this new time line but the best explanation and reasoning came from Jay Garrett. Just when we see Barry take off again to fix the past he is intercepted by the Flash from Earth 2 for a heart to heart. Knowing full well now that he looks like Barry’s dad he sits him down to explain the problems of time travel and the consequences it carries. How even he has done the exact same things Barry is doing with the same disastrous effects that no matter how hard you try it’s never the same. What I loved about this whole moment and this made the episode for me as well, is defining what kind of hero Barry is going to be. Learning from the consequences of his actions and moving forward or trying to fix every little mistake by slipping back to fix it. This is a fantastic benchmark for the character and fixes the whole time travel issue rabbit hole they created. Now here is the twisted side….what about going into the future?

The most interesting development this week was the addition of Doctor Alchemy and his Philosophers stone as the new arch villain for Flash. This brings up a whole slew of questions, the main one of course is who is Doctor Alchemy? In the comics he was two different people, twins one of which suffered from multiple personality disorder of a sort. One side was lawful and the other was not so much but I doubt they will get that far into the character just yet and the Philosophers stone is a bit more mystic in origin. In the comics it was said to once be owned by Merlin and could affect anything on a molecular level which we got a small taste of as Doctor Alchemy started augmenting humans with it. So how does he know about Flashpoint? Did he find some way to shield himself from the effects of the time line working itself out? How does he even have memory of it? I am sure we won’t have long to wait in seeing how he pulled it off but Doctor Alchemy will be a fantastic villain and excited to see someone other than a speedster for Flash to face off against. I am going to sound off on this now and say that Julian Albert, or you may recognize him as Draco Malfoy from the Harry Potter series is not Doctor Alchemy. Too obvious for starters, it would never be that straight forward and in your face easy. I do believe there is something more to the character, no one could hate Barry that much just because they don’t trust him but I don’t see it playing out as Julian being the Doctor.

By the end of the episode things are back to about as much normal as we get for the show as Barry comes clean about his actions and messing everything up. We get to see another less than spectacular faceoff with Rival and Cisco come’s to the rescue this time rather than Kid Flash. Please please please do not make Vibe a full time hero on the show. I can take about anyone partnering up with Flash but this is just a lame bad idea and the only way to make it cool would be to have Cisco killed in the line of duty as Vibe. The Wests are one big happy family again and everything seems right with the world but with one slight difference. Killer Frost! Is this something that changed with the time line? Was this one of the other four transformations that Doctor Alchemy did that are mentioned and no one has any idea who they are but only have the husk left behind to show that something happened. Could Caitlin one of them and just doesn’t want to say anything? If not her then who else are we about to see give Flash a very bad day.


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