Dead Zone

The Walking Dead: A Day Will Come

Caution…. the article in front of you may contain spoiler’s…. reader discretion is advised.

How do you open the new season of the Walking Dead after one of the best cliffhangers of the show yet least of all in TV history? Drawing the comparison lines between the comic and the show can sometimes be difficult just because you never know what twist or divergent from the comic they may take for drama or story reasons. Tonight, has got to be the all-time mother of twists and blending of the comic to show I have ever witnessed.

Tonight they go so past the comics but expand so deeply at the same time with a story that I thought was so complete and perfect to begin with I was worried they wouldn’t be able to compare. To be fair with a couple exceptions they haven’t been too far off the mark when it comes to exceeding the comic nor fans expectations in the story telling department. We have however become a little spoiled when it comes characters and when and sort of who to expect to lose along the way. Last season we got off somewhat easy I think when it came to losing people as the core group stayed intact, couple close calls and a big of question of is he or isn’t he but we should have known that was not going to last for long. Negan comes to town swinging a big stick and isn’t afraid to use it and we get to see that up close and personal. What the best part for me tonight was the waiting, the who did Negan go after to settle the score. It was during the breaking of Rick that we start to relive the moments and see it from his point of view. In the comic’s it was sort of a lay down and that’s great and works in the book but the exquisite storytelling and dialogue for Negan in the show was heart stopping. Rick fighting, being brave, and not willing to bend sets Negan off giving the perfect opportunity to expand on his character in was they never could in the comic. It takes him to a whole new level of depth and making him so much worse than the comic and that is saying something. Negan needs to make his point and cannot have Rick thinking there is even an outside chance he can fight him and make it out of this without serious reproductions. Negan lets Rick know that at multiple times during the RV ride that at any point he can kill him, or anyone in the group and continues to drive it home by repeating “Think about what happened, think about what can happen.” While taking Rick to the very edge of who he is. That whole trip with just the two of them is stellar storytelling going back to the burning logs and the guy Rick let die hanging from the bridge reminding him just how helpless he is. For a moment, I even had the idea Negan was going to cut Ricks hand off with his own axe just to prove it’s his and he can do what he wants. That would have been a lot more merciful than what did happen and with one of the most brutal moments I have seen in the show yet.          

 I have said multiple times one of the most disturbing images I have seen in comics is issue 100 of The Walking Dead. Just to see it brought to life, front and center is something else entirely and AMC did not shy away letting us see it and soak it in. I squirmed enough with the flashes of characters it could be during the breaking of Rick to toy with us and I felt I was prepared for that ultimate end for whom ever it was. I was right, and the end of last season and during any conversation I have said it was Abraham that fell victim to Lucile. The set up was all there, his story was complete and it only made sense since the Doctor ended up getting taken out the way he was in the comic. He was a trooper, great final words and defiant to the end, the best way I think Abraham could go given his story to that point. It’s what happened next that left my mind blown and at a total loss. In a fit of rage and in true Daryl fashion gives Negan a shot to the jaw, the fighter to the end God love him. Negan did warn them the first outburst from Glen was excused, the first one was free and you would think Daryl would suffer for it. But instead we lose a second major character crossing so many lines crushing anything we have come to expect on the show as to how far they really will go. We get to see Glens beating verbatim from the comics dialog and all right down to the bad joke leaving you horrified and at a total loss of what could happen next. Right back to the feeling of no one is safe and it might not end with just the two of them who else could Negan go after just because he can and to get Rick in line. We don’t wait long as the most tension filled moment of the show comes as Negan tells Rick to cut off Carl’s arm. I didn’t move, I couldn’t I was preparing for another wrenching twist and couldn’t look away as much as I wanted to. Taking us to the very moment as Rick is about to do it and then we finally see him crumble, enough to the satisfaction of Negan that he stops Rick from doing it. Where does it go from here? I’m an emotional mess already what’s going to happen when Negan shows up for his tribute? What happens to Daryl not that he has been drafted into the Negan army? It’s going to be an amazing season of The Walking Dead for sure.       

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