Dead Zone

Walking Dead The Cell

Caution…The article in front of you may contain spoilers…Reader discretion is advised.

Dwight has Daryl’s crossbow, his bike and even his angle wings…it’s like he’s trying to be Daryl. He works his way through the dead as Daryl works his way through the saviors. There is a parallel being formed between Daryl and Dwight which is fitting not only because Daryl is inspired from Dwight who did exist in the comics while Daryl didn’t. It’s also good because we love Daryl (shut up you love Daryl, we all swing that way for Daryl) and right now it’s time to be back on Dwight’s side and see this dick-bag as a person. This is something that hasn’t happened since Daryl (yay Daryl) met Dwight out in the woods back before we knew what a savorer was. And the characters in the show are picking up the similarities too.

“You can be like them or me…or them.”-Dwight to Daryl

Negan points it out too at the end of the episode as part of his pep talk to Daryl but also and more screwing with Dwight.

Dwight’s character goes through a lot of trouble and people to make his sandwich. Succulent victory of being on the right side of the group, who cares that it comes at the cost of kneeling to a sick man with a sick bat.

But as good as that sandwich has to be, Dwight’s bite seems to have a bitter taste which is direct contrast to the hungry and sort of gratitude that Daryl eats his sandwich. A sandwich made with bread and dog food fed to Daryl, naked in a cell. The quiet acceptance of swallowing what’s fed and being left in the dark.

Just do what they say. It’ll get better if you let it. This is the only way. Negan will take care of you.  But while everyone believes their words, they come with a bitter taste.

Dwight and Sherry ask and reply a ritual of right questions with correct answers that no one is believing. Are you treated good? Are you happy? They know they’re not fooling anyone and Dwight reminds himself that it’s better than being dead.

This random dude, Gordon, running away is the voice of all our minds. A thug swoops in with a baseball bat and smile. There is only one of him and all of us so why live this way. It’s the big question since the premier; it’s a big issue we’ve all been upset about, not just who died. Gordon declares is ready to die rather than bend to the mad man any more, still there are threats of more he can lose.

Honestly, out here in the audience on the safe couch, I want to cheer for the man willing to die as a symbolic middle finger to the man Negan and his stupid baseball bat, but I’m too scared. Because while I don’t know this man, this nameless character, he is me. He is all of us who threw our hands up during the premier and screamed WHY! He is what we want every extra just beyond the circle of light, watching Abraham getting his head bashed in and doing nothing to be. This no name, throw away man in the middle of the road on a subplot we know nothing about is making us all tear up because he’s the only sense still in the world. “This is the last time I’m going to kneel.”

“You won but you know there’s nothing left.” –Gordon to Dwight

It’s not enough to die. It’s not enough to kill. It must be on Negan’s terms. It is always about control. It is always about being in everyone’s head. It is always about there being no other voice in everyone’s head but the sick man with the mean bat.


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