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Warning…The article in front of you may contain spoilers…reader discretion is advised

The Flash Invasion

The annual mass crossover event for the CW is underway after the kickoff with last night’s Super girl episode. It really didn’t have anything to do with the story line as Barry and Cisco showed up at the end of the episode to recruit her help. Leaving us all in the dark as to what is going on based on the ending of the last Flash. Will Super girl be a hit when she is added to the new crew? Is this going to be the better Justice League? It’s staged to be a JLA story for sure with the Alien threat looking rather like the White Martians.

Before we get into the episode there are some house cleaning matters in the world of Flash that carry into the story. Flash Point and its far-reaching effects are brought to the front, not only by Cisco and his constant whining and crap attitude. I understand that he lost his brother and there are so many different consequences to Barry adjusting the time line but this attitude Cisco is sporting goes way beyond reasonable. Every decision is questioned and scrutinized by him even when it has nothing to do with him and could be for someone else’s good, Wally being the prime example. The underlining contempt and tension is almost too much as the heroes are assembled with the only cold spot in the room is Cisco and not Killer Frost. There is also a voice recording from Barry himself 40 years in the future mentioning a war and not to trust him that was found on the Wave Runner.   

Most of the episode stands like a classic comic story as the hero’s band together and unite for the greater good. This may be the starts of the Justice League everyone has been waiting for and wants to see with its own Hall of Justice fresh off the Saturday morning cartoon. A little campy? Maybe, but I couldn’t have been happier with the nod and seeing it come to life in the show. Best moment must be the dog pile on Supergirl as a test of what the group is up against as she just floats in the air brushing off everyone’s attempt to do anything against her. It’s all cut short after Cisco discovers the recording and forces Barry to come clean about Flash Point to the rest of the team. Nothing like mistrust in a group when your facing down an invading alien force. The words of reason from the Legends of Tomorrow team about time travel and doing the right thing has great intentions and all given the mistakes they have made along the way but is almost a little late. It’s just overkill, we know Barry is sorry, it’s the dominating theme of the show so far and at this point I could have gone an episode without hearing about it or Barry beating himself up over the matter. Thank God for Ollie and putting everything into perspective and the other side of the coin and is the only one to think what they would do. Ollie puts it right out there and says he would go back and try and fix it, that he would do the exact same thing Barry did and would bet anyone else given the chance would do the exact same thing. It’s easy to judge and lay blame but every single one of them would try and Barry needs to stop beating himself up over it. With all the infighting the group leaves Ollie and Barry behind when taking on the big bad aliens who have kidnaped the President of the United States. The bait, as the team just walk in through the front door like a big target.

The first aliens for Earth Prime and they are not nice nor are they White Martians, they are called the Dominators and have visited the Earth before in 1951. Acting like they come in peace unless acted against, Supergirl saying they had a similar experience with them on Krypton leaving a lot of people dead. The Dominators were waiting and once in range took control of every one’s mind and sends them all after Flash and Arrow. Flash makes short work of Atom, and Firestorm while Supergirl takes a bit more work leaving Arrow everyone else. Just enough for Kid Flash to show and get taken out right away forcing Arrow to run around with an unconscious speedster on his back. The buildup for tomorrow night was fantastic and we have no idea what the aliens are up to and with the conclusion of tonight’s episode brings up more questions. My take? I liked it, Supergirl worked well and I love the chemistry between Barry and Ollie with the few side characters in for good measure and Heat Wave as comic relief.

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