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#TheFlash The Present

I didn’t like that Flash went the obvious choice on who Doctor Alchemy was a couple weeks ago, and had lost a little faith in the writing team when they have done such an amazing job of avoiding these pitfalls so far. Julian? Come on man, but to be fair it is a blend of two different stories from the comics and there is still a bit of a twist that has left me wondering about Savitar. I will save my theories on that for another time but I like how they pulled all the first half of the season together tonight and still filling my inner comic geek with glee.

We visit Earth Three, home to Jay who just so happens to be taking on the Trickster…Amazing! I have been wanting to see the two of them together on the screen and feel a little of the original show and I got my Christmas wish early. Say what you will about the old show but the episodes with Mark as the Trickster are gold and to see the two of them, however so brief facing off is fantastic. I am surprised Mark even has time to do an appearance with the Star Wars shooting schedule. Barry is there to get Jay’s help to go up against Savitar and some helpful fatherly insight as always. This did raise a few questions in my mind, I realize the Speed Force is all knowing and binding but Jay did know a lot more than I thought he should about Savitar. Have the two battled it out before? Jay claims the whole reason for the “God of Speed” showing up in the first place is because Barry poses a threat to him. Jay however is confident that the two of them can bring him down and that couldn’t be close to the truth because in the first run in while Barry goes after Doctor Alchemy and the Philosopher stone Jay gets his ass handed to him and just before Savitar is about to deliver the killing blow, after knowing Jay by name gets pulled back into his dimension. How is he tied to the stone? Why when the stone goes back in the box does Savitar get pulled back to the prison he is in? The prison that future Barry/Flash puts him in. Surprise? Not so much really, Barry taking off his mask in front of Julian yes. I know in the comics at some point the Flash’s identity is common knowledge and who knows if that will ever happen in the show but did he have to do in this situation. Almost as bad as a Batman movie. It’s during the conversation with Savitar that we get the cryptic prophesy as he pulls the, “I know your destiny card” on the team. “One shall betray you; One shall Fall; One shall suffer fate far worse than death.” Nice touch in my opinion but for a moment all I could see was a scene from SAW.

Hipster HR Wells is starting to jump on my last nerve! I also have a feeling his training of Walling is not going to end well, but the man does have a valid point. It’s better to train Wally so he’s more prepared than just having him run out there, and he is following the character rather closely from the comic with attitude and him wanting to just rush in. He does finally get his own suit and everyone agreeing that he should be called Kid Flash. Is it a perfect blend? Who’s to say and as the rest of the season moves along we might have an answer but for now, Wally is a speedster and has a chance to be faster than Barry…maybe some foreshadowing there. Cisco is finally better, still dealing with the grief of the loss of his brother but learned something after messing the time line up in the Invasion cross over.

My Take; I liked it, not bad but I did have an issue with how they got rid of the stone and sat there scratching my head. If it’s the direct link to Savitar and where ever Barry put him wouldn’t the very last place you would want to send it is the place directly linked to your power. I would be more concerned that sending it to the Speed Force you run the risk of his becoming stronger or taking control of it. Maybe I have read too many comics, but with all the Earths out there you can’t find one that’s nothing but water and no one living on it and let it sink. Jay’s parting words of focusing on the here and now has me worried along how he reacted to traveling to the future. What does he know? One of his mistakes coming back to haunt him? Has he run into Max Mercury and will he be the next speedster we see? Merry Christmas

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