Meat and Potatoes


There I was, like everyone else. Watching the previews before Deadpool 2, come on this was mid-May and the Summer movie season was upon us. One of the previews showed Melissa McCartney starring with puppets/Muppets in a raunchy, very adult comedy coming out at the end of Summer. The theater was full of everyone laughing hysterically at the preview because it was quite shocking and funny. The movie was called “Happy Time Murders” and it peaked my interest.

*The MEAT* Well the story was very *basic* and *boring* to say the least. The humor just didn’t work with what they were trying to do.

*The POTATOES* The acting was just *Sad* I bet Mellissa McCartney will be regretting this role for the rest of her career. Which won’t be a long one if she doesn’t start making better decisions on what movies she wants to star in.

*The Verdict* This was really *Bad*. I mean like not even worth your time to see it anywhere Bad. Unfortunately, the funniest scenes were all in the previews, and that isn’t saying much. In fact, I still am shocked that Brian Henson, (yes, the son of Jim Henson) was the writer and director of this movie! What was he thinking?

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