Meat & Potatoes


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Arnold Schwarzenegger, was just getting started on his legendary Hollywood career, having just came off the surprise hit, “The Terminator” Hollywood was ready to make him the next leading Man action star. The premise was simple, just have something cool like the Terminator fight Arnold this time around. So, in 1987 the “Predator” came out. It wasn’t the greatest action film, but it was fun and exciting and that’s all you can ever ask for in an action film. Two sequels and two team-ups with the “Aliens” franchise later, they decided to continue the Predator storyline with “The Predator”. Shane Black oversees this one, which gave me reason to be optimistic because he was in the original “Predator” with Arnold but then again, he was the director of “Iron Man 3” so I went in seeing “The Predator” with caution.

*The MEAT* I’ll give them credit, they tried to expand on the Predator storyline, but they did not need to. Now the Predator storyline is even more confusing and I blame director Shane Black for that because he, of all people should know what the basics of what a good Predator movie should be and stick to that. Plus, the action was all over the place and not put together  well at all! It was kind of *Boring* actually.

*The POTATOES* The acting and the characters are *Average and Predictable* at best. But the writing did not help these actors at all. I am a big fan of Olivia Munn, but her character was almost unnecessary because she wasn’t the hero, she wasn’t the one that needed saving because she can take care of herself, and she wasn’t the Love Interest. Her character just did not make sense to me. Sterling K Brown did a very good job and stole every scene he was in.

*The Verdict* “The Predator” was a *Disappointment* to me, and I cannot recommend this movie to see in the theaters. I would say the most glaring problem with it was the fact that it was missing that Lead Actor to help carry the film. You know what I mean? Someone like Chris Pine, Mark Wahlbergh, Jason Statham or even Arnold Schwarzenegger. Someone with the star power to carry an average film and put it up a notch, just like Arnold did all those years ago. But fear not, they did set up a sequel and I will see it as soon as it comes out with some hope that they get it right next time.


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