Classic Rock Wednesday

“I don’t belong here”

#CLRW I received a request the other day that may or may not be a gray area when considering classic rock. Granted the band started across the pond in 1985 the song requested is 1992 and are still going strong today. Radiohead has had many different sounds thanks to the multiple influences the band has had. This however is one version that carries the most weight for me.

It’s one thing to create a style from all of your favorite artists, but when you help create and move someone to sing your song in a soul touching way. That is something quite different. It takes a whole new meaning, A life of its own and in hind sight made me love this song even more. The story tells it self when you watch the video, I’m the Listener and here is your Classic Rock Wednesday. #Creep #Radiohead #HomlessMustard #OpieRadio #TheListener #5280Geek  


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