Smurfs High Five

#NewComicsDay A legend returns, we go cosmic, and visit Earths not so different from our own. Here are Smurfs High Fives for the first week of October; nothing too scary yet but don’t overlook some of the titles landing this week from Image.

Magneto black #1X-Men Black Magneto #1> MAGNETO IS BACK! 
…and so is Chris Claremont! For years, Magneto has done everything he can to achieve his goals for mutant domination. But now Magneto has declared that enough is enough. So what revolutionary plan does Magneto have that will change the face of mutantkind? And will anyone be able to stop him? Will anyone want to? PLUS: Includes Part 1 of X-MEN BLACK: APOCALYPSE the back up story by Zac Thompson, Lonnie Nadler, and Geraldo Borge! (S) Chris Claremont (A) Dalibor Talajic (CA) J. Scott Campbell

Smurfs Take> If I can’t have Thanos then Magneto is a solid second choice. It’s hard to argue with his point of view and maybe that’s what makes him such an awesome character. Or the fact that he is one of the strongest mutants on the planet. To have Chris back and heading up this book is exciting, most of my favorite Magneto stories are by him and can’t wait to see where he takes us now.

wonderwoman E2Wonder Woman Earth One HC Vol 2> For years, Diana of Paradise Island yearned to leave the only home she knew behind for adventures that laid beyond its shores. Now, after a fateful meeting with Air Force pilot Steve Trevor, the Amazon Warrior finds herself in Man’s World. And she is ready for anything that it may throw at her.
But is the world ready for Wonder Woman? An American government, fraught with dissension and conflicts foreign to Diana, has deemed her a danger to society. How will Wonder Woman carry out her mission of peace and love in a world that can’t get out of its own way? That is, unless there are more insidious forces at play…
Don’t miss the second volume in the WONDER WOMAN: EARTH ONE original graphic novel series! (S) Grant Morrison (A/CA) Yanick Paquette

Smurfs Take> The whole Earth One platform has been a homerun for me. I think the way they have explored all of the different characters and expanded on them has been fresh but still holding true to the foundation of the character. In fact this is what I think the DC should base its films off of; great stories with heart.

cosmic ghostrider #4Cosmic Ghost Rider #4> The Rider is determined to save the universe by ridding it of the greatest threat that ever existed…and that’s why he’s kidnapped Thanos to raise him right! How’s that gonna work out? He’s about to learn. (S) Donny Cates (A) Dylan Burnett (CA) Geoff Shaw

Smurfs Take> This continues to be one of the weirdest and most twisted little books of the year for me…and I can’t look away. I never thought this would catch on or be as compelling as its been. Granted, the whole thing could be some form of delusion and the Punisher wakes up in a padded cell at the end.




asgardians galaxy #2Asgardians of the Galaxy #2> ALL DEAD GODS GO TO WAR!
Angela’s ragtag team of Asgardians are hot on Nebula’s trail – but she’s left a grisly gift behind. With the power of the Naglfar Armada at her cybernetic fingertips, Nebula is unleashing hordes of undead gods to ravage the galaxy. And its only defenders are a slightly traitorous Executioner, a half-mortal Valkyrie, a lost Asgardian huntress, a hammer-wielding teenager, a suit of ancient armor and a frog. And if the rest of the team finds out who’s behind the Destroyer’s faceplate, things will go from bad to Ragnarok. Guest-starring Gladiator and the Imperial Guard! (S) Cullen Bunn (A) Matteo Lolli (CA) Dale Keown




shatterstar #1Shatterstar #1> A gladiator, a warrior, a hero…the man called Shatterstar has been many things, but one thing he’s always been is deadly. He’s not a man you want to cross or you’ll learn that fact all too well. Walk back into the darkness with Shatterstar. (S) Tim Seeley (A) Carlos Villa, Gerardo Sandoval (CA) Yasmine Putri

Smurfs Take> I am on the fence with this title. What I hope to see is a story that clears up some of the confusing back story, give me a little action and some Mojo World for good measure. If done right this could be a great doorway to a Mojoverse storyline.  




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