The Ground Up

#TWD It’s a whole new feel to the Walking Dead and here is Reds Take on last nights premier

New world for the Walking Dead. This opening episode feels like a pilot or even a reboot of a show with a lot of the same people. New opening, new style, TON of 70’s horror film inspiration. It feels more like they’re pitching a scary hayride for Halloween than telling my Rick Grimes chronicles. Still, this show is well executed. Great camera angles, fabulous use of score and absence of music to build tension and stomach clenches. Good story telling with establishing the “ordinary world” and leading into the first inciting happening of things going wrong. A nice group hunt lets us learn about the roles and personalities of all our important characters. But some throw away dialog to tell the audience what can’t be shown.

I found this last bit not as well crafted as it has been in the past. These are things we the audience needs catching up on while the groups were rebuilding in the off season but all these characters should already know these headlines. The foreshadowing was also a little lazy compared to what we’ve seen in past seasons. They usually like to set up and misdirect as the action comes from somewhere else. The glass floor was obvious and a little unbelievable given how such things are engendered in real life. Man! I don’t want to think about real life during the Walking Dead. I also don’t like spotting the one unknown character in the landing party knowing he’s going down.

Yes for all the funds and talent this feels like a show resting on the faithful fans. It feels like they are preparing to change the hero and maybe the heart of why we follow this story. In many ways like so many people involved with the show are working on other things and Walking Dead can’t have as much of their focus. I can’t say this is a bad show, or a poorly done show, but it feels like a different show than the one I fell in love with eight years ago. #AMC #WalkingDead #Horror #RedsTake #5280Geek

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