#venom#Venom spoiler free #review as promised on this weeks Podcast.

I must confess when I heard they were making a” Venom” movie, I wondered why and how. Venom is a Spider-man villain that has gotten so popular that he kind of is a hero now. I can see a problem that Venom is such a visual character on the comic page to bring him to the movies they would have to do a lot of CGI without making him look too cartoony. And judging by the early previews, it was looking pretty corny. So, I wasn’t looking too forward to this movie.

*The MEAT* The story was actually pretty *decent* Surprisingly it worked with the characters involved and made Venom someone you can cheer for.

*The POTATOES* The acting was *Very Good* mainly because Tom Hardy is an awesome actor. His performance is exactly what I mean by a lead actor that can carry a film all by himself. He, like Tom Hanks, just keeps you engaged through the movie. Michelle Williams is in this too and she never disappoints. Just the fact that these two actors are in this movie was a huge plus for me.

*The Verdict* I will be the first to admit that “Venom” was not bad at all. Tom Hardy, with a good amount of humorous parts and decent action, made this movie *Enjoyable*. If you’re a Venom fan from the comics, you will want to see this on the Big Screen, but if you have no idea what or who Venom is, then I recommend not wasting your money at the theaters and catching it at home sometime.

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