Walking Dead The Bridge

9x02-The-Bridge-Tammy-and-Jesus-the-walking-dead-41608504-1000-666#TWD Building bridges is important but boring and everything else has been done before. All the big things that happened in this week’s episode has already been done in this show. Spoilers ahead. I’m going to just dive into the end because it’s stuck in my craw. Clearly there is a mystery going on with the Saviors disappearing and reports are pointing to something sinister. At the end of the episode we get a hint of a someone the Saviors know and trust taking out people to stir up the ranks against Rick and the other groups. This is something we’ve seen over and over in this show. We saw it just last episode with Gregory against Maggie. Hell, it was Dwight with the Saviors all last season. It’s been done and done well, but now it’s done to death. We get it, there’s a mole and he or she wants to take Rick and his people down from the inside. At this point this plot device is like watching old mystery films and crying, “the butler did it!”
I did like some of the relationship developments with Maggie this week. I believe that at the core of this show, people being faced to look at themselves and each other and grow is what makes it great. When Maggie has that moment in the cells with Earl, she has to look back on her Father and her life before. I think that makes her still a likable leader and stay true to her character. We saw some growth with Carol and Ezekiel and also Gabriel and Anne. Finding joy in this broken world and for most of these characters I think these are smiles they couldn’t have in the world before zombies. They are not the same people they were, not even when the first appeared on the show. I think the characters have all become better versions of themselves. I love seeing this kind of character growth in the show.
What I don’t like is watching the characters that have already grown for the better turn into basic season one versions of themselves. Back when the rules went away and people pushed what they could live with. I don’t think Daryl’s anger makes sense to the character he’s always been. I don’t think he was ever the kind to believe the rules didn’t apply to him. He’s always made his own rules and skirted around them. But this bully beat down in front of everyone without justification, is just displaced anger. This isn’t the Dixon brother we rooted for all these years.
It feels like we’re in a cycle and not in plot device that will show a story arch. I hope the whispers show up soon to break this cycle of what we’ve seen before. #WalkingDead #AMC #RedsTake #5280Geek

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