Walking Dead

“Warning Signs”
Walking dead’s Warning Signs is apt. There’s no mistaking Rick Grimes is in his final episodes; he doesn’t want to be around these characters anymore either. He had his weird Brady Bunch day with Michone and Judith, he started talking to Daryl like he was young Carl, and he convinced Carol that his stupid idea about utopia is correct. Did anyone else notice that line of “every life matters” was way close to Morgan’s “life is precious” line? But Morgan got sick of these character’s back and forth developments and left to go play with other zombie characters, so now Rick gets full credit. Or something equally silly. Morgan seemed to know that these characters were played out, wish I could join him in apocalypse Texas. Maggie and Daryl have become the monsters they fought back in season four. Even I don’t like the Saviors or think they’re worthy of forgiveness. But turning a blind eye to a beaten people being snatched in the middle of the night to be killed, this is some Gestapo creepy shit. In fact there are a lot of parallels between this new world and Europe after World War I. Which just shows how much these characters haven’t learned a damn thing. This might as well be a new show with all new people and the same plot issues. Rick is on his way out and that’s the real warning sign! #TWD #AMC #WalkingDead#RedsTake #5280Geek

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