Classic Rock Wednesday

“Welcome to the Human Race”

#CLRW Listener here; It was the 70’s and what we know as Classic Rock today is what was being played all over the FM radio dials back then. But there was this new sound of music called Disco that was coming out, and it was poised to take on the standard Rock music of that era. It was a big battle for a short period of time and we all know what happened of course, but there was one Rock band that came from that brief period that managed to fuse a little disco sound with their Rock band and became quite successful. They were called *the Electric Light Orchestra* or ELO for short. Headed by Jeff Lynne, ELO had an unmistakable sound that has passed the true test of time. And later, even managed to get them into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

   Instead of pulling out some old footage of one of their performances, and since we are Geek fans. I would like to show the beginning of “Guardians of the Galaxy 2” with dancing Baby Groot. Hey, why not? And enjoy the one of a kind sounds of the Electric Light Orchestra for your Classic Rock Wednesday. #ELO #MrBlueSky #ClassicRock #Guardians #5280Geek #TheListener



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