Meat and Potatoes


This is the 4th incarnation of the story of “A Star is Born” in the Hollywood movie era. Still I do not expect everyone to know this movie, so I will stay with the rules of *No Spoilers*. This time Bradley Cooper has made it a passion project of his own. Taking a chance on Lady Gaga for the lead role over proven stars like Beyoncé’ and Jenifer Lawrence, who were rumored to be up for the lead role. Bradley also took on writing, directing and the other starring role for himself. My concerns going to see this is, did Bradley try to do too much?

*The MEAT* It’s a great story for sure, and Bradley did not mess that up at all. So, I will critique his Directing here instead. For a novice Director he did *pretty good* he tried to film it in an intimate way so that the viewer feels like they are in the same room as the characters on screen, almost like a documentary but not quite. Couple that with some interesting choices in camera angles and views, Bradley Cooper did a very good job.

*The POTATOES* For starters, Sam Eliot played Cooper’s big brother and as always, does a great job in a supporting role. And Andrew (the Diceman) Clay had a small but memorable role as Lady Gaga’s father, which was fun. But I’m here to tell you that Lada Gaga was great! Talk about a role she was born to play, she totally knocked it out of the park and held her own with Bradley Cooper. which was not easy to do because Bradley Cooper was on another level of acting altogether. I thought Bradley did a great job of acting in “American Sniper” but this time he pulls off a performance that is sure to get him an Oscar nomination if not a win. His eyes, his mannerisms, his posture, and his mumbled words all made a character that you will love, hate, feel the pain with and definitely not soon forget. Just an *Outstanding Performance*

*The Verdict* “A Star is Born” will take you on an emotional roller coaster ride for sure. It won’t just tug at your heart strings, it will yank them pretty hard. Bradley Cooper did a great job with this and I must recommend it for the big screen with the best Dolby sound system wherever you can find it, because the Music plays a huge role in this movie as well. It is a *Great Movie* and I loved it!

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