Walking Dead

“The Obliged”
#TWD A lot of people gave up on the Walking Dead in season 2 because it was boring, I thought they did a good job with what little they had to work with and made a week into a season. It wasn’t great but I felt the heart strings when Sophia came out of the barn… This week’s episode managed to do every filler technique from season 2 but even more pointless and even less happens.
Maggie goes on a road trip, Rick and Daryl fall into a hole, Negan is on suicide watch, and there’s trouble on the farm. Is this season 2?
I guess we’re supposed to ask if Negan should live or die…but we did that at the end of last season. We’re supposed to see all this time has gone by and progress been made except for all these conversations from before? I’m still wondering how everyone seems to know Rick is going away. It isn’t like Carl who knew he was bit and made his own memoriam episode. Weren’t there Whispers promised this season?
And it isn’t just me hating on a show I once loved. Walking Dead is now tied for most disappointing from their fans right now. I’m not sure there’s much that can fix it with everything already been filmed. But I don’t think budgeting is an excuse this time and I don’t think we’ll forgive this season.  #WalkingDead #AMC #RedsTake #5280Geek

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