Classic Rock Wednesday

“Please allow me to introduce myself”

There is the common phrase you are either a Beatles fan or a Stones fan. I have to say I like them both equally but for entirely different reasons. The rock sound of the Stones for the time was edgy and more of a primal scream with a different message. Oddly enough not one of the more common remade songs from band with the most noteworthy being from Guns and Roses.  

The song I saved for Halloween this year is my favorite and standout for the band. Yes there are lot of songs to chose since this ones release in 1968 but the narrative is amazing. Jagger’s “voice” as the Devil paints such a historical tapestry. Always there, just behind the curtain, do you believe it. They say the greatest trick the Devil ever played was convincing the world he didn’t exist. I’m The Listener and one of the greats songs for a Halloween Classic Rock Wednesday is Sympathy for the Devil.    

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