Meat and Potatoes


   220px-Halloween_(2018)_posterI was very young, and my big brother had to take care of me while our parents were out of town. He dragged me along everywhere with him while he hung out with his friends, mostly at the arcades and theaters. One day he took me to see the original “Halloween” and for better or worse, my life changed that fateful night. Of course, it scared the heck out of me, but the experience of seeing it in a theater with a lively, loud crowd was an experience I will always cherish. People screamed, talked back to the movie and even cheered for the “bad guy” to kill more people, I couldn’t believe it, it was so much fun. After a short run in the 80’s, the Slasher films pretty much died off from over saturation and basically ran out of ideas. Hollywood has tried to reboot them all without much success, but I just think their popularity was in part due to the times. So, it is with great caution and skepticism that I go see the new “Halloween” movie because maybe I’m biased, but I don’t see how they can ever recapture or reboot that formula again. I’m seeing it out of curiosity more than excitement.

*The MEAT* The story is *alright* It continues the story of Michael Myers almost forty years later. But it continues it as if Halloween 3 – 5 and 2.0 never happened, and that’s a good thing. They also get back to the essentials of what makes a good Slasher Horror movie and it even has a few homages to the original that are pretty fun to see.

*The POTATOES* The acting is *a little over the top* And that’s to be expected. Jamie Lee Curtis is back reprising her role she made famous almost 40 years ago and is surrounded by a lot of no name actors that tend to try a little too hard.

*The Verdict* I’m having a hard time recommending this film. Yes, it was a little scary, had a few fun scenes, and even had its share of suspenseful moments too. But it just didn’t capture the excitement or substance of the originals. “Halloween” basically *missed the mark* as to what made those Slasher films fun in the first place. But then again, I could be just a little biased.

*next week* “Bohemian Rhapsody”

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