Walking Dead

“What Comes After”
ricks gun
#TWD Alright everyone let’s get out our Walking Dead Bingo cards and play: Rick on a horse, RV, RV breaks down, helicopter, apocalyptic writing on the wall, talking on a hand radio, Atlanta, excessive black blood head shot, dead pushing through a door, Rick talking to the dead and wanting to join them, and shots from the colt python in the free space.
And we’ve got Bingo, what do we win? A clip show… Really? They found a way to give us a clip show in a drama show, in 2018 when we’ve evolved TV passed that. And before you argue that Rick is dying and going through his past, that doesn’t change that it’s still poorly veiled filler. Oh these are new conversations with dead characters in old sets so that’s not the same. If the actor wasn’t leaving the show would this still be the dead horse taking up all this screen time? Is this really a journey of the mind we needed to take with Rick? Or is this just making sure we all know Rick is going away and not coming back?
The crappy metaphors beat the audience over the head with ‘hidden’ messages. Rick is at a crossroads, Maggie has a key in the lock, there are choices to be made, did you get that? Let’s do a conversation with Shane to explain it to make sure. Maggie can you explain why Negan crying and broken means that Negan is metaphorically dead? Good because we simple viewers couldn’t have gotten that on our own. Now Rick could you get up and cross that bridge so the show can be about characters and humanity being tested instead of big name actors and they’re weird farewell parties?
I got to say Beowolf-I mean Rick-it’s a hero’s job to die fighting monsters and not grow old and die quiet in bed. In that way, you were too far gone for what comes after. #TWD #WalkingDead #AMC #RedsTake #5280Geek

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