Classic Rock Wednesday


#CLRW Been hooked on Baby Drive over the past few days. Great movie and the soundtrack that works just as seamlessly  to tell the story of a mad ass driver who falls in love. One of the standouts for me is this crazy Dutch band that released this song in 1971 but didn’t really gain any steam till 1973. The Band Focus has had multiple Genres and Labels try and lay claim to it as its evolved over the years, who still playing today.   

Listener here and my choice for Classic Rock Wednesday is Hocus Pocus. The song more gibberish than lyrics, something you could put a tune too if you listen to Popeye humming. An odd song for sure only hitting 19 on the charts and a band who definitely had a flair. I remember a friend would always start his day out with this song and was just as odd. If you haven’t watch Baby Driver…Do. For now enjoy some 70’s style.   

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