Moment of Geek

We interrupt your regular scheduled Moment of Geek with the following. Smurf here, I remember meeting Stan early on as I ventured into the world of Geekdom. There was no mistaking his voice as it filled the room recalling it from the Saturday morning cartoons. Back then it was just Stan and his comics not knowing the weight it would later carry for him and my life. He was the writer of the stories and heroes I loved growing up. The fuel for my imagination and backyard adventures as a child and later the world I would call home as an adult. He was awesome, excited to meet me, all of us in that room that day. Everyone was met with the same smile and energy, like he knew you and couldn’t wait to catch up. The passion this man had for his fans, for life, and the human condition was unwavering. He was the True Believer, always kind and standing up for the little guy with love and understanding. We could use more Stan Lees in the world, but his work here is done and the stars have called him home. May your board always point true, excelsior Stan and thank you.    


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