The Walking Dead

Smurf returns to talk about last nights #WalkingDead episode as we jump forward six years.the-walking-dead-who-are-you-now-photos006-1541462915855_1280w

“Who Are You Now”

As we closed in on the final episode for Rick Grimes I wondered what his exit would be like. Getting swooped up in a helicopter to what I suspect is the same fate Heath suffered was not expected. I think that is the motivation of the multiple leaps in time for this season. The first to accommodate Ricks departure to the film world and now to the time they originally intended to started with I believe. Venturing so far from the comic at this point with only two characters left from the original group that started with the show. Neither who are in the comic and Maggie the only survivor of the farm group in both worlds.  Makes the next story line an interesting challenge since I always figured Enid was always part of the Whispers and the budding romance between her and Carl was going to take us down that road.

Six years is a big leap. You would like to believe that this would be the next pivotal part of the story but obviously things have happened and not all of them good. The relationship between the towns stressed even more than last we saw it. Daryl living out in the wild, Carol a Queen in need of  haircut, and Machonne a single mother of two kids and a lovely scar. Am I wrong in thinking the little boy should be older if Rick is the father? We know Rick was the glue that held the group together but I find it hard to believe they would fall this far apart where they are barely speaking. In the comics sure it was a slippery relationship but everyone was working together.  We can only hope that we get some backstory along the way like we use to filling in some of the holes (I miss that). Daryl living out in the wild isn’t that far of a stretch, always stating his comfort out there throughout the series, it just seemed odd when Carol and Henry show up in his field to get him. Like picking the kids up from school. It’s obvious now that Henry will pick up the Carl story from the comics as he ventures to Hilltop to start training. His right of passage in becoming a man in the new world because he has learned nothing over the last six years as he goes running off like an idiot.  I don’t know how I feel about Henry being labeled the prince for the Kingdom. It’s one thing to play a role but to fill a kids head with thoughts like that is just setting up t be a destructive mess.

What I saw this week  was another establishing episode. Have we gone as far as we can with these characters? I know major events can have an effect on a person but to see these people who have fought through everything together pull so far back from one another is ridiculous. There has been no growth. What surprised me was how much was pulled from the comics for this episode. Similar to the comics everything is set to happen at the community fair. The introduction of the new group who we got a little more of a set up in the comics then ill prepared one we saw sporting just crude knives. Is the story going to start moving from their point of view now? Best of all the Whispers have shown up and the terrifying scene lifted right of the page of the book as they go walking by Rosita and Eugene. Are we going to see a stronger return to the source material after the ratings drop the show has suffered? Will I be able to take Judith seriously in that hat play therapist to Negan? I can’t wait to see what is going on at Hilltop next week.




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