Classic Rock Wednesday

“You got to promise not to stop when I say when”

#CLRW Fresh off the request line this week and I have to say this is a fantastic one. Not only for me personally but the world at large. There has been an explosion of feels over the past few days as we are reminded of what is truly important. Coming together, helping one another, holding tight to the ones you care for and love. This seemed to fit the request perfectly with all the different things going.

The Fighters of Foo (Foo Fighters) I saw years ago, in a show I will never forget. Dave Grohl never disappoints when he puts on a show. There was one at Red Rocks where he refused to leave the stage making sure he played everything; asking the crowed to scream requests. I think as an artist and performer Grohl flourished after Nirvana with an unmistakable sound and energy. I’m the Listener and for Classic Rock Wednesday this week is Everlong. Thanks for all you do Dave, even feeding Firefighters in California battling the blazes you are a class act. #FooFighters #Everlong #Wembley #TheListener #5280Geek     

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