Classic Rock Wednesday

“I’d never steal from Santa cause that ain’t right”

#CLRW holiday edition; Smurf was excited to meet him just this last year at Denver Comic Con. I just wanted to chat him up about the old days and what it looked like in 81’ to be doing something no one else was. The first to get a gold album in a sea of talent that pioneered the Hip Hop culture. These two were just cool and I loved every album Run D.M.C. produced.

Listener here and Christmas in Hollis is another first for the group and in hip hop. These two blazed a trail in the music world. For style, image, originality, entertainment and would be imitated through the entire industry for generations to come. To me they are Legends and my choice for best Christmas song ever. Merry Christmas from me and all of us here at 5280 Geek. #RUNDMC #ChristmasinHollis #HipHop #Classic #TheListener #5280Geek   

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