Meat and Potatoes


 “Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse” is a movie I just had to see. It is getting great reviews and I’ve always loved the Spider-man character from when I was young, plus the animation looks pretty cool in all the previews. Although, I’m not a big fan of alternate reality and multiple Spider-man stories, I am excited to see how they introduce Miles Morales (AKA New Spider-man) to the movie audiences.

*The MEAT* The story was all about Miles Morales and how he becomes the new Spider-man. And they throw in the typical alternate universe stuff that can be very confusing to the casual movie going person who isn’t familiar with the comics. But this time they do it right! And it is a very *Well Done* story that is quite enjoyable. 

*The POTATOES* Since this was a cartoon, I won’t critique the acting. But what I want to emphasize is just how *Amazing* the animation was. It was a unique look that hasn’t been done to this degree before, it was cool, colorful, interesting, fast and in a style all its own. The world looked real and alive, while at the same time, the characters reminded you that you were still watching an animated picture.

*The Verdict* This movie was a *Blast* it was exciting, funny and just all around a great time for the whole family. I recommend it for the largest screen you can find with 3D. I hope Sony will do a bunch more sequels because I would love to go back to this universe again.

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