Meat and Potatoes

If you are trying the fill out your weekend I think this should be added to the list. Here is the spoiler free review of #Aquaman.aquaman-ver11-xlg-1542296717274   

When I first heard they were going to do an Aquaman movie for real, my first thought was, is it going to be under water? We are talking about a comic book hero who is over 76 years old and has been the butt of hero jokes for almost as long. His biggest power is that he talks to fish for crying out loud.

*The MEAT* I will give all the creators involved with “Aquaman” a huge round of applause for taking over 76 years of comic continuity with many different versions of Aquaman and coming up with a *Great Story* that combines all the best of Aquaman.

*The POTATOES* Having Jason Momoa in the title role was the first thing they did to make the Aquaman character cool and hard to make fun of. Amber Heard does a good job as well playing his strong female lead. And Patrick Wilson, who is no stranger to comic movies is terrific as the Ocean Master, the movies main villain. Now its not Oscar worthy acting, but for comic films and for DC, its *very good acting*

*The Verdict* “Aquaman” starts off as a typical comic movie, but once it gets into the depths of the oceans, it becomes something truly *Epic* new and Fun. Most importantly Director James Wan actually figured out how to make it under water and even talk under water.

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