Meat and Potatoes

The verdict is in. #Bumblebee. The #Transformer movie we didn’t know we wanted according to the podcast. Here is the Spoiler free Meat and Potatoes review.bumblebee-poster-35462

   Whether we wanted it or needed it, they made another Transformers movie. After the last one, I was done with the franchise, it was THAT bad. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the first and third one, Thought Michael Bey did a good job bringing a toy line to the big screen, but the franchise got stale quick. So, it was with big hesitation I went to see the new Transformers movie, “Bumblebee” and find out if they can rescue this franchise with a solo story of one of its most beloved characters.

*The MEAT* The story is a prequel to the original “Transformers” movie with Bumblebee being the main character. The story is *basic* at best, but just enough to keep you in your seat.

*The POTATOES* Hailee Steinfeld is very good, she is a good actress that will be a great one very soon and this movie shows how close she is to that. John Cena plays the antagonist and well, he comes off as very cheesy, or maybe just bad. That’s the thing, I can’t tell if he was playing that role a certain way for seriousness, or was he goofing it up for kids to laugh at him. Either way, *I did not like him. *

*The VERDICT* So I’m kind of torn with my verdict. On one hand I appreciate the simple story of “Bumblebee”, and thought it was ok, but on the other hand they really made this movie more for kids and the younger generation. Which is ok, but all the other Transformers movies had much more for adults and this movie wasn’t marketed as a kid’s movie either, so that confused me. The “Spider-verse” cartoon was more for adults than “Bumblebee”. So, I will recommend “Bumblebee” for kids, but not something adults would find too entertaining. Save your money and *wait for the video* to see it.

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